Breaking News! Mass Shooting at Church in Pennsylvania

Breaking News! Mass Shooting at Church in Pennsylvania
What was meant to be a simple town supervisors meeting turned into a horrific scene of murder and mayhem, as those in attendance tried to escape the violent and deliberate rampage of a lone gunman. People ran for cover as shots rang out, and bullets penetrated the walls and front door of St. Peter’s United Methodist Church in Saylorsburg, PA.

A local reporter for the Pocono Record, Chris Reber who attended the meeting, gave a brief statement to police, “I saw smoke and plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls.”

Sources at the scene stated that Bernie Kozen, of the West End Open Space Commission, reportedly tackled the gunman as he returned to the building after retrieving a second weapon from his car. It’s reported that Kozen ‘bear hugged’ the gunman, wrestled the gun away from him, and then shot the shooter with his own gun.

Alissa Rutt, whose father is Township Supervisor, Howard Beers’ got a call from her dad who said,  “Just listen to what I have to say: No matter what you hear, I’m ok.”

Bob Allen, Coroner for Monroe County, has confirmed that at least three people are dead and several more are in critical condition.  According to reports at the scene, neither the names of the victims or the gun have been released at this time.

Guy Miller, of the county’s emergency management stated that the shooting happened around 7:30 Monday evening.


Source:  USA TODAY

Source: Pocono Record

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