Can the Courts Force You to Poison Your Children?

Can the Courts Force you to Poison your children?
This might be reason enough to avoid the medical establishment, if you are on the fence about treating medically or naturally.  Once you have registered an illness with the hospitals, it seems they could have a grip on you and make decisions for your children that you and they might not want.  Apparently, courts are siding with a hospital in Ohio about the decision to continue chemotherapy treatment on a 10 year old girl after the parents and child have decided to stop.  Can the courts force you to poison your children?

Chemotherapy, though a popular and sometimes effective treatment for cancers and leukemia, is also extremely deadly.  The goal of doctors is to kill the cancer before they kill you.  Sometimes they do, other times, well- you know what happens.  Chemotherapy is derived from the same chemical once called “agent orange” and was developed for chemical warfare.  Now it is used to target and wage war on cancer cells in the body, even though the effects can be akin to a battle scene on civilians to the rest of your body.

Sarah Hershberger is a young Amish girl who lives in Ohio and was diagnosed with a form of leukemia which doctors believe is very curable with chemotherapy.  The fact that she is Amish is only worth mentioning because the family says that though they believe in using modern medicine and technology in certain situations, they also support a natural lifestyle of herbs and foods as medicine.  After taking their ten year old daughter through one round of chemotherapy already, and watching her get sicker and sicker, the girl begged not to have the treatments again.  Reports say that “after much prayer and contemplation” the parents consented and withdrew her from treatments.

Now, a court battle is going on where the hospital wants to make the decision for the family and the girl.  Even though they say it is not about parental neglect, I’m not sure how else they could justify their desire to move toward attorney guardianship so as to secure Sarah’s continued radiation therapy, despite the whole family’s disapproval?

Sarah, along with her family, have decided to try alternative methods, such as cleansing foods and herbal remedies to treat her condition, but the hospital won’t have it.  What does this say about freedom in America today?  Do we really think there is only one way to do things and that the medical world is king?  How many people have died at the hands of chemotherapy treatments?  I personally know many – at least a dozen or more – who have tried chemotherapy to their demise.  In the end, most of them knew it was the chemotherapy that was ultimately killing them, but it was too late.

Chemotherapy is not kind, it is not selective on which cells it destroys, I just destroys them all.  There are other well known natural treatments for cancer and leukemia such as Frankincense essential oil, for example, that targets only cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone.  Why is it that we feel, in this country, that we must inflict our personal bias onto another just because we feel we are the ‘expert’ and that we can?

It seems this case hangs in the throws.  If she is made to stay with the chemotherapy and eventually dies, will her death be on the heads of the hospital administrators who believed she ought to be forced into treatment?  Likely not, as they will probably claim that her condition simply went that way, as sometimes is the case.  No one will be held responsible.  However, if she does not do the chemotherapy now, and the parents are “allowed” to practice natural methods and she dies, well – we all can see where this is going.  Just give the courts, the FDA and the medical establishment one more reason to condemn natural treatments when they themselves maintain zero responsibility for hospital-induced deaths.

Can the courts force you to poison your children?  In this case it may seem so.  If the courts feel you are somehow neglecting your child by not providing them “medical care” in the way they feel is best, (never mind what you think)it may be cause enough to choose for you. In addition, this case may set a precedence for hospital authority over young patients.

Sarah Hershberger is only ten years old.  She may not be able to see all the implications of her choices, but she can feel the way these treatments make her feel.  Her parents, I am sure, are very interested in doing what is best for their daughter and making life-sustaining choices.  Her father says of the chemo: “It put her down for two days. She was not like her normal self.  We just thought we cannot do this to her.” After ceasing treatment he comments: “We see her every day. We watch her really close.  She runs, plays. She crawls up ladders. She’s got a lot of energy, more than she had when she was doing chemo.

What do you think?  Should the courts be allowed to force this family into using a well-known poison on their child, even though millions have died from its use?  Yes, you may argue that others have had success with chemotherapy, but what are the numbers, really?  Dr. Allen Levin says in his book The Topic of Cancer: When the Killing Has to Stop  “Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy.”

In Kenny Ausubel’s book When Healing Becomes a Crime he states that “in a trial on a chemotherapy drug tested for leukemia, a whopping 42% of the patients died directly from the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug!”  Apparently the chemotherapy drug 5FU is nicknamed by doctors “five feet under” as it so commonly kills patients.  Even the former president of the American Cancer Society Dr. Alan C. Nixon, does not endorse chemotherapy, saying:  As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.” 

So what is to become of Sarah Hershberger?  If courts can force her parents to treat her with chemotherapy, a derivative of mustard gas, can they force you to poison your children against your will?  Time will tell.  Perhaps a giant education campaign needs to be launched in this country surrounding the truth about chemotherapy.  The sad thing is, many have tried to do this and been shut down.  The medical and pharmaceutical companies are just too big and have too big a voice.  Where do you stand?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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