Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber Twerk Song Leaked (Video)

Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber Twerk Song Leaked

Never really knew what a twerk was? Well, if the term confused you, asking Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj just two queens of the twerk, could have helped. Although news is that the Oxford dictionary now has “Twerk” between its covers so you don’t have to ask. And since Miley, Justin Bieber and Lil Twist have recorded a new song that titled Twerk, you might be able to use that as a point of reference. The song, like so many others recently, has been leaked early.

We’ve included the YouTube video containing the song’s audio below for your listening pleasure.

Miley drove her fans and the media wild with her twerking antics on Sunday’s 2013 MTV VMA program. She outraged most of the parents throughout middle America and the rest of the world. Her “shocking” display included twerking her butt up against singer Robin Thicke. Teen boys the world over ran to have a cold shower and Miley ensured that she would be a talking point for weeks after.

But before the awards controversy of this year, the 20 year-old former Hannah Montana star teamed up with Justin Bieber and Lil Twist. Their song was leaked by hackers on Wednesday August 28 a mere three days after the Cyrus controversy.

As part of this three-ring-twerk, Miley contributes several lines, one of which is, “I came up in this party time to twerk.” The three collaborators have been working, or twerking, on the song since July at least. Lil Twist announced the trio’s intentions last month by tweeting a picture of the single’s cover art via Twitter. Said picture features Miley in a unicorn onesie twerking her little, uh, heart out.

The picture is came from Miley’s “unicorn” dance in March this year. Waste not, want not eh, Lil Twist? Justin Bieber and his two pals have not remarked on the fact that their Twerk song was leaked. So we are not sure how they feel about it.

But the timing of the Twerk song leak has been sublime to say the least. What with Miley Cyrus still making headlines because of her very un-Hannah Montana antics on the MTV Video Music Awards program. It would be interesting to surmise about whether the song would have been leaked at all if Miley had not been grinding her buttocks into Thicke’s frontal area.

But there is no doubt that Cyrus is a hot collaborative property at the moment. On top of her most recent work with Justin “Make-A-Wish King” Bieber and Lil Twist, rumour has it she’ done a little something with another big name in the business.

Kanye West, old Yeezus himself, has teamed up with Miley, but we don’t think that twerking was on the menu in their effort. According to Us Weekly, Miley and Kanye made a quick getaway from the MTV VMA celebratory after parties to lay down a remix track of West’s Black Skinhead.

Oh and if you still have not figured out what twerk means, we include the Oxford Online Dictionary’s definition: “a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” Got that? So Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Lil Twist are singing their ‘provocative thrusting hip movement song” and it has been leaked. You can listen to it in the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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