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The choice for an iPhone case is based on a combination of personal preference, reading reviews, and trying it out. Many customers do further research on Kickstarter to see not only who will support it, but what can be expected once it is marketed. A new case, manufactured by Sky View, is now on Kickstarter for iPhone 4/4S and 5.

According to Sky View, a Carbonicum Carbon Fiber case is different from other iPhone Carbon Fiber cases. The “elegant minimalism and intelligent design” is completely handmade and stands out from the current variety of “leather and plastic products.”

There are other reasons why the designers feel their carbon case is a superior choice:

1. Variety of colors
2. Durable, reinforced polymer
3. Lightweight
4. Modern design
5. Competitive price

Polymer is used by athletes, automobile drivers, and astronauts. Having a product that is easy to use should increase its popularity. The manufacturer added that carbon “is widely used in sports, automotive and aerospace industries…Our idea was to make a durable and lightweight case with modern design and at the same time at a competitive price.”

The new Carbonicum case is made using dry carbon fiber. This is one of two kinds of carbon fiber products on the market today. The difference between “dry” and “wet” carbon fiber is in the process used in manufacturing. Dry carbon fiber is generally considered better but it is three to four times more expensive than wet carbon fiber.

Dry carbon fiber uses pre-pregs, resin that is “impregnated” into the carbon fiber before it goes into the mold. The process for wet carbon fiber consists of adding the resin after the carbon fiber sheets have been placed into the mold. This can cause air bubbles and weaken the product.

The manufacturer is looking at streamlining the production process of iPhone 4 and 5 cases, plus developing new cases for the iPad 2, 3, and 4. Also in development are mini, ergonomic strong carbon fiber cases for MacBook Pro and Air.

Sky View is offering consumers a guarantee for a full year after purchase. If there are any defects or issues with the case, they will replace it with a similar one.

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Carbon fiber case for iPhones

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  1. tom   August 8, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    it looks like a nicely built case, but cases need to provide more these days in the way of function. We designed the iBillfold2 line of Credit Card Cases and wallet compatibly.


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