Charlie Sheen Still In the Money but Wants to Stop Paying Child Support

According to experts Charlie Sheen is “still in the money” as far as Two and a Half Men is concerned, with him getting steady money while the legal battle continues between him and Warner Brothers. But that hasn’t kept old tiger blood Charlie from wanting to stop paying his child support.

The star stands to pull in as much as $100 million from his old television show, regardless of how the legal tussle ends.

The 47 year-old actor may not work on the show any longer, but his past appearances on Two and a Half Men add up to a staggering 177 episodes. Each and every time these episodes air, Sheen will laugh all the way to the bank.

In a conversation with FOX411, television analyst Brad Adgate explained how the whole thing works. He said, “Sheen will make millions, depending on how good a deal he got on his residuals when he negotiated his contract because of all the ancillary opportunities there are for the show. Syndication and global distribution of the show are going to be big moneymakers for Sheen.”

Furthermore, if Warner Brothers manage to get $4 million an episode for Two and a Half Men in domestic syndication, the experts reckon that Charlie will pull in as much as .5 million per show. Estimates of his yearly earning from residuals alone are in the region of $88.5 million a year.

Add into this already fortuitous formula the fact that comedy programs do especially well in syndication and if Sheen played his contracts right, he’ll be rolling in money without having to lift a finger. Take Seinfeld, for instance, Forbes estimates that the star of the show, Jerry Seinfeld makes between $65 to $80 million per year from syndicated re-runs.

Charlie Sheen isn’t just in the money, he’s in danger of drowning in it. But that still hasn’t stopped him from wanting to stop paying his child support.

It seems that despite Sheen closing a merchandising deal with Live Nation to put his mug (on their mugs) and his catchphrases – “Winning, Tiger Blood and Vatican Ninja Assassin,” et al,” on items like, said mugs, t-shirts, etc, he doesn’t want to spread his wealth.

After hearing about his former co-star Jon Cryer’s victory that allowed a cessation of Jon’s child support payments, Sheen is hoping to sway a Los Angeles judge into offering him the same deal. He is claiming that Cryer’s case has set a legal precedent.

Charlie recently petitioned the court to stop his monthly payments of $55,000 to Mueller because his four-year-old twins, Bob and Max don’t live with Brooke any more. The two children were taken from her home by child welfare officials earlier this year after suspicions arose that she was using drugs again.

35 year-old Brooke has been in rehab in an attempt to get sober and stay off the drugs. For a short while she shared the Betty Ford Centre with gal pal Lindsay Lohan, before LiLo moved to Malibu. Mueller is still under a doctors’ care and Sheen wife number two, Denise Richards has been looking after the twins.

Sheen has quoted Jon Cryer’s victory in court against his ex-wife, the English actress, Sarah Trigger whom he divorced nine years ago. When Trigger was arrested in 2009 and temporarily lost custody of their son Charlie, Cryer got his payments dropped from $10,000 per month to nil.

Sheen’s court documents claim that Cryer’s case mirrors his own circumstances and feels that the precedent applies. According to TMZ, the stars income, without counting his future earnings from his latest merchandising deal or residuals from Warners, is more than $740,000-a-month before taxes. The same documents claim that Sheen handles all the expenses for his two children, which is estimated to be $30,000-a-month. Which means, in reality, Charlie is paying $85,000 a month for his children.

It does make sense when seen from Charlie Sheen’s point of view. He may still be in the money, and will be for some time, but the fact that he wants to stop paying his child support to Brooke Mueller who isn’t looking after the boys any longer, seems fair. What do you think?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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