Charter Bus Overturns on Los Angeles Area Highway [video]

Headed Eastbound on I-210

Headed Eastbound on Interstate 210 Thursday morning a charter bus overturned on an interstate highway in Los Angeles County. According to Ed Jacobs, California Highway Patrol Officer, the bus was headed eastbound but ended up on its side after swerving to avoid hitting another vehicle. The accident knocked out the front windows, injured at least 46 people and closed at least three lanes causing a massive traffic jam.

The accident occurred on Interstate 210 near Interstate 605 close to Duarte city; a suburb in the county of Los Angeles . This area is just about 20 miles northeast of the downtown section of Los Angeles.

Medic aircraft landed on the highway in order to transport people to local hospitals. There were also many emergency workers on the side of the highway tending to people. It appears that none of the injuries were life-threatening; they were all mild to moderate.

An 86-year-old man was taken to Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital with fractured ribs and chest injuries. Two other patients were taken there as well.

A total of 20 patients were taken to three different hospitals within the Citrus Valley Health Partners system.

After about an hour, highway patrol had reopened the west bound lanes. This route is known for tourist buses headed from the San Gabriel Valley to desert casinos and Las Vegas.

More information is forthcoming. Currently no lives were lost and no injuries were life-threatening.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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