Dancing with the Stars Judges You’d Like to See (Poll)


Who are some of the people you’d like to see be judges on Dancing With the Stars (ABC)? Reportedly, even host Tom Bergeron is unsure who’ll be a part of the new season 17 cast, set to be announced Sept. 4. In the poll which follows this article, you can vote on who you would like to see as a judge on Dancing With the Stars!

Recently, Bergeron told E! News that:

Some of the casting rumors are true and some of them are not true at all. Some of them might reflect contract negotiations that are going in one direction or another. But nothing is final yet.”

Both Paula Dean and Geraldo Rivera have been approached to be judges, but both have also passed. It certainly couldn’t have hurt their careers if either had accepted.

Supposedly, the producers would like to see the show attract a younger demo, and are searching for a “younger and sexier cast” to appeal to them.

That cast will most likely include the return of controversial pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovsiy. He is the 33-year-old Ukrainian heart-throb who did not return for season 15.

According to Bergeron:

“I am very fond of Maks. I’ve always said that we have such a great bench of wonderful talent. I’m always bummed to see them go away for a season or two and I’m always happy to see them come back.”

One person who the producers approached for season 16 was Lindsay Lohan. There has been some discussion about approaching her again for season 17, since Lohan has completed her last rehab stint. Show insiders have indicated, though, that it might be better if they wait awhile longer before they approach her again — still, who knows?

After all, Dancing with The Stars has cast other controversial people to be judges in the past, including Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin. They also — though unsuccessfully — approached cyclist Lance Armstrong and right-wing political commentator Ann Coulter.

There has been no comment from ABC regarding who will be members of the cast for season 17.

This year, Dancing with The Stars will be on only once per week. According to Bergeron, he’s cool with the change and thinks it might add to the tension and suspense, making the show more compelling:

I’m really hopeful. For a show that’s been around for eight years, this is a real way to refresh it and to make it a much more compelling two hours. It’s great one-stop shopping. You got all the great competition and the eviction in one episode.”

How will the new format work?

Bergeron explains that the new format will work this way:

Couples will be eliminated at the end of the episode. But the judges votes from that night will still count. So the viewer votes from the previous week carry over and are coupled with the judges votes from that night. So they’re still dancing for their lives there.”

The cast of the next edition of “Dancing with the Stars” will be announced Sept. 4 on “Good Morning America,” according to ABC.

On Sept. 16, the dance competition show is to return for its 17th season with a new one-night, 2-hour format.

ABC said in a news release:

The competition begins with 12 new celebrities who will brave the dance floor for their very first time.”

Who would you like to see be one of the new judges for season 17 of Dancing with The Stars? Vote below on who you would like see be one of the new judges, and cross your fingers — maybe one of them will be chosen to be in the cast!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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2 Responses to "Dancing with the Stars Judges You’d Like to See (Poll)"

  1. Douglas Cobb   September 4, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    No, I mean as judges, but I didn’t mention Paula Dean — not that she wouldn’t be a good judge, I just didn’t mention her. I will admit, a few of the choices were for s—ts and grins. Which were which? Hmm…..

  2. Eydie   September 4, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    You mean to ask “Who would you like to see be a celebrity dancer on Dancing with The Stars season 17?” Correct? You can’t mean to have Paula Dean or Miley Cyrus as a JUDGE.


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