One Dead Two Missing in Colorado Flood


One person has been confirmed dead and two are missing in Manitou Springs Colorado.

The body of 53 year old John Collins was found on Saturday. Still missing are Juston Travis, 24, and an unidentified woman who was last seen clinging to a tree, trying to escape the waters current.

Flooding in the Manitou Springs area has been heightened by the burn scar, an area where a fire has burned trees and vegetation leaving nothing to slow down water from hard rains. Flood waters managed to move boulders and even wash away a house. A man and his dog were caught up in the flood but were pulled to safety by bystanders with a rope.

Local man Ron Heine described the water as being like a wall. “When you see it, it’s pretty frightening because it’s so powerful and there’s nothing you can do … Mother Nature’s going to do her thing no matter what we do.”

People of the area pitched in to help all they could with cleanup hoping another flood will not come soon.

Written by Kevin Reid

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