Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson Wooed by GOP for Congress Seat

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Congressman Robertson does have a nice ring to it! Reportedly, Duck Dynasty reality star Willie Robertson is being courted by lead GOP representatives. The representatives, per The Washington Examiner, are hoping the star throws his bandanna into the Congress race.  The Washington Examiner reports:

“My boys want to run Willie Robertson for the seat,” an outside adviser to House GOP leadership told The Washington Examiner. Some key Republican operatives are eager to woo one of the hit show’s stars–Willie Robertson–to run for the seat given up by retiring Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander. Congressman Alexander has shown distaste with the partisan antics, and accepted a position to join the cabinet staff of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Robertson refers to himself as an “redneck millionaire” and currently is the Chief Executive Officer of Duck Commander and Buck Commander in Louisiana. The Buck Commander website depicts a serious picture of the GOP interest. He is covered in camouflage and seen holding a firearm. The power of underestimating an individual seems to be a sure bet in Robertson’s case. His bio is impressive, per the site:

In 2006, Willie began a new pursuit when he started Buck Commander. Willie and the Buckmen travel all over the country chasing white-tail deer, having a good time at hunting camp, and creating the Buckmen series of DVD’s and the popular television show Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour on Outdoor Channel.
Willie is executive producer of both TV shows and has a passion for inspiring future hunters by showing the outdoor lifestyle and hunting experience in the most fun and entertaining way. His unique perspective helps makes Duck and Buck Commander TV shows, DVD’s and products stand out in the crowd.
Willie loves being outdoors with his family and friends and is happiest at home in West Monroe, La with his wife Korie and children, John Luke, Sadie, Will and Bella. When he is not working you will catch him on his tractor bush-hogging a field, earphones blaring, thinking of the next idea that will keep his companies at the top of the heap.

The Buckmen arrived in time for a new season and their numbers are pretty impressive. During the third season finale, E! reports the show drew in 9.6 million viewers “making it the most watched A&E telecast ever.” The show premiers tonight for season four and many more are looking forward to a season of Robertson and Uncle Si. The stars of the show reap over $200,000 per episode, and the network is knocking on the door of the bearded four for more seasons. E! announced a new cast member will be joining the show as well, “Phil Robertson’s eldest son, Alan Robertson. Get ready to gasp because…he doesn’t even have a beard! Shocking, we know.”

Roberston has yet to respond fully to the suggestion that GOP heads are interested in him running for the Congress seat. Fox News caught up with the man of the hour and Robertson simply stated, “I’m kinda busy right now.” The Blaze sat down with the CEO extraordinaire earlier this year on his views of gun laws:

We’re certainly pro-second amendment and pro-guns. It’s not just our livelihood, but that’s what we like to do, you know: we hunt. I think it’s the person behind it, and you know, who’s doing these crazy, evil things. I just think it’s evil and I think that certain people are evil, and whether they do it with a gun or a car or airplane or bottle of poison, you know, evil people are gonna do evil things whether they have a weapon or not.

The reality star has made no excuses for his faith, although he has never claimed a specific religion, Robertson told The Blaze “Faith is the number one thing in our lives, and so everything revolves around it: our marriages, our families, our business.” Commanding a level of respect for his business sense and ability to say what’s on his mind, the GOP representatives may be interested, but they have to keep in mind; Robertson is not bashful or a guy with conformity on the mind. He marches to his own drummer and seems quite pleased with the results. Tune into A&E tonight at 10 p.m. EST to catch up on the season 4 premier of Duck Dynasty.


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