Egyptian Sphinx Unearthed Israel

Egyptian Sphinx Unearthed in Israel

Only days after the story of a Mayan frieze found in Guatemala unfolded, a volunteer archeologist team unearthed an Egyptian Sphinx in Israel. In Tel Hazor the paws of a sphinx statue, resting on its base, was uncovered far away from Egypt. On the sphinx was an inscription, in hieroglyphs, naming King Mycerinus, the pharaoh who ruled in 2500 BC and oversaw the construction of one of the three Giza pyramids where he was also enshrined.

What makes this particular sphinx so remarkable is that it is the only known find with an inscription of the name King Mycerinus. Purposely disfigured, as the heads and hands of kings were cut off statues when cities fell, even in Israel, this unearthed Egyptian sphinx is estimated to have been a meter tall and weighing half a ton.

Tel Hazor, the capital of the city of Canaan 4,000 years ago, had a population of 20,000. It was a prosperous Israeli city located on the route connecting Egypt and Babylon, making it a weird place for the sphinx to be unearthed, says archeologists. The big question—how the sphinx got to Tel Hazor –will most likely go unanswered.

By: Kimberly Scott


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