Family Led by God Lost at Sea Costs Taxpayers Big for Rescue

Family Led by God Lost at Sea Costs Taxpayers Big for Rescue

Services performed by the United States Embassy and the United States Coast Guard are not free. They’re paid for by federal taxes. Both the United States Coast Guard and the United States Embassy had to get involved after a religious family from San Diego set sail to the middle of nowhere on the Pacific Ocean. They said they were going “where God led them.” Apparently, God needs to brush up on his maritime navigation skills, because the family ran into a whole lot of trouble during their weeks-long journey, including storms, damage to their boat, and the dwindling of their supplies to almost nothing. Their eventual rescue has cost taxpayers big.

It’s quite ironic, actually; part of the reason the family set sail in the first place was because they didn’t agree with having to pay taxes for things with which they do not agree. Here’s a message for them: a lot of people don’t want to pay taxes to enable the United States Coast Guard and United States Embassy to waste time rescuing numbskulls from the ocean.

Despite their belief that “God” would help them navigate the rough waters of the sea, they ran into storm after storm and suffered damage to their boat. Lucky for them, the crew of a Venezuelan fishing boat was kind enough to pick them and eventually place them on a Japanese ship. The US Coast Guard stayed in constant communication with the rescue ships to ease the family’s journey to land. Once in Chile’s capital city of San Antonio, they luxuriated in a hotel until the US embassy arranged their flight home for them.

The fact that the United States played such a big role in the rescue of Hannah Gastonguay and her husband is also ironic, since they were originally leaving the United States in protest over “the United States’ involvement in religion.” It’s a rather safe bet that they’re pretty darn happy the United States government saved them from becoming shark chow.

The question is: why should taxpayers foot the bill for these not-so-bright folks to be rescued? As unhappy as they are about having to pay taxes for things that go against their beliefs, nothing compares to the disappointment many feel that this family has placed a major drain on resources which are supported by United States tax dollars. They ought to reimburse every dollar that went toward rescuing them from what was a very stupid idea in the first place.

No one would suggest that they deserved to die out there on the ocean, but this family’s hypocrisy is really astounding. And, since the Gastonguays are also very homophobic, many people have already questioned whether any of their rescuers are gay, which would add even more irony to the whole situation.

Further, if God was watching out for them, doesn’t it seem as though they would have made it to their destination unscathed? Oh, that’s right… “God works in mysterious ways.” Apparently, those ways include forcing rational people to pay for the rescue of those with ill-conceived ideas. This family, who claimed to be led by God, has cost taxpayers big. They should reimburse every cent of the cost of their rescue.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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4 Responses to "Family Led by God Lost at Sea Costs Taxpayers Big for Rescue"

  1. Al   August 12, 2013 at 7:41 am

    G-d was watching over them, in the form of the US Coast Guard, the US government, and the American taxpayers.

  2. Nightthorn k'Vala   August 11, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    If they believe that god was leading them where he wanted them to be they should have kept their stupid butts on the boat, leaving it up to god whether they died or not. Instead, they stayed in a hotel and took transport back paid for by US tax dollars. If they hate the “oppressive” US so much, let them go live in newly ultra religious Russia and shut their mouths…after paying back the costs of saving their stupid family. Meanwhile, take the kids from them; they’re too stupid to keep them safe. Typical christian hypocrites like this disgust me.

  3. Robert Van Meter   August 11, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Great Article. The above commenter missed the point btw.

  4. Recks   August 11, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    It’s not really correct to say that taxpayers pay their federal taxes into a big pool which is then dispersed out for the good of the public. Schools and state budgets are generally paid for with property taxes and state sales taxes. Roads are fixed up with gasoline taxes. Import duties collect a huge amount of tax. The federal income tax, for which no law exists that instituted it, is actually a collection of money to pay the interest on our national debt. We are brainwashed into thinking we each must pay our “fair share”, that it is some kind of civic duty, and that the money is needed to run the government, military and social programs. The privately owned Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air which it hands over to the US Treasury to pay for the aforementioned things, and the Coast Guard. The income tax is the interest we the people pay on the money that is created out of nothing and given to our government. If our own Treasury printed the money, we would not need to pay interest to the old money banking families who own the Federal Reserve. The Fed is primarily run by Europeans out of the City of London. The IRS is the collection arm for the Federal Reserve, and it’s no coincidence that the income tax and the Federal Reserve were both instituted in 1913. Both have grown by leaps and bounds.


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