Glee Fans May Never Know How Finn Hudson Dies


Ryan Murphy, the creator of the hit musical series Glee, has said that it may be possible that fans of Glee will never know for sure how the late Cory Monteith’s character Finn Hudson dies.

Instead, Murphy says that they may opt for an ambiguous ending for the heartthrob quarterback jock character Finn, and leave it a bit mysterious as to what happened to him.

According to Ryan Murphy:

Basically, what we’re doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died.”

It is definite for sure that, even if what happens to Finn is specified, the way his character passes won’t be at all the same way that Cory did in real life, with an accidental drug overdose.

Murphy did mention, though, that the possibility had been considered:

At one point, we were going to have his character die after an accidental drug overdose — that was something we had considered.

“But we have decided that we’re not going to have him pass from that.”

There is going to be a tribute episode which is intended as a celebration of the character’s life. It is being filmed this week.

According to Ryan in an interview with Deadline about the episode:

That might be weird for some people, but it felt really exploitative to do it any other way.”

Murphy further added in his interview with Deadline:

I think it turned out to be a lovely tribute, and it’s a very heartfelt look at how young people grieve.

“We loved Cory and we loved Finn and it feels like a huge loss and a huge heartache not to have either of them around. We’re trying to craft an episode that’s not just about us grieving but about a lot of the young fans grieving.”

The special tribute episode (which will air October 10), says Kevin Reilly, Fox’s Chairman of Entertainment, will deal with the reality of what happened and how Cory died.

Kevin Reilly has said that it will:

…deal directly with the incidents involved in Cory’s passing and the drug abuse in particular.”

PSAs — public service announcements — with cast members in character – are also in Ryan Murphy’s plans.

“They’re going to speak directly to the audience and I think they’re going to be very impactful,” according to Ryan.

Kevin admits that, despite Cory’s relapse earlier this year, which forced him to enter rehab in March, his tragic death still came as a shock to him.

According to Kevin:

You see some people struggling with addiction and it’s clear. Cory was a big, open, wonderful life force. He was not a problem.”

The 31-year-old heartthrob, Cory Monteith, was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada last month. The cause of his death was “a mixed-drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol.”

The funeral service for Monteith added that Cory’s death was unlikely to have been an intentional one, saying:

It should be noted that at this point there is no evidence to suggest Mr Monteith’s death was anything other than a most-tragic accident.”

Whether of not Glee fans ever know how the character of Finn Hudson dies, they will always fondly remember the life of the talented actor Cory Monteith, a person who passed away at a way too young age.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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