Oscar Pistorius Emotional During Brief Court Procedings


South Africa – Outside the Pretoria Court, demonstrators stand with boards expressing their frustration at Oscar Pistorius.

A huge contingent of international media mark their way for the court appearance of Oscar, where he will receive the official charges against him and the date that the trial will commence.

The defense lawyers received the docket containing evidence against Oscar last week but are still waiting to receive the indictment.

Police and sniffer dogs check the court building for bombs in a routine check and the media claim their seats ahead of the court proceedings.

Inside the court room, friends and supporters of Reeva Steenkamp looking rather sad, sit and wait for the proceeding to begin. Today would have been the deceased’s thirtieth birthday.

On the other side of the court room Oscar’s brother Carl anxiously waits and is accompanied by his sister and other family members.

Oscar arrives at court and the cameras capture his somber mood as he enters the court house.
The court hearing is not expected to last long and it is unlikely that arguments will be presented by the state and defense teams.

Oscar sits with is teeth clenched and the family have a prayer session. He is emotional and tears run down his cheeks. His sister Aimee offers him some tissues.

He continues to pray, head bowed he waits with his family. His lips tremble as he tries to control his emotions.

They wait for Magistrate Desmond Nair, who is still in chambers and nobody knows why. Finally the Magistrate takes his place and the hearing begins.

The state Prosecutor Gerrie Nel tells the court that they have prepared an indictment against the accused Oscar Pistorius and stated the case must be transferred to high court, and included a notice of trial for March 3, 2014. He continued and told the court the accused (Oscar Pistorius) would arrange his own defense.

With that notice, the court was adjourned.

Written by Laura Oneale

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