Goldman Sachs Director, Jason Lee – Busted for Rape

Goldman Sachs Director Busted for Rape

On Wednesday, Goldman Sachs director, Jason Lee was arrested for first-degree rape of a 20-year old female.

Mr. Lee, 37, is married and is Sachs’ managing director handing market equities. Lee has been employed with the company since 1998.

A disturbance occurred in the East Hampton home that he and his wife were renting for the summer months of July and August. The $4.5 million four bedroom, three bath 4,500 square foot house is said to have cost the Lee’s $33,000 per month to rent.

Police were tipped off on Tuesday morning when they responded to a disturbance call from the rental property. The disturbance happened when an individual, who had been partying at the house, called police stating that his vehicle had been stolen. Upon investigation of the stolen vehicle is when a 20-year woman reported she was raped by Lee either Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

The police investigation determined that Lee had been out drinking with friends on Tuesday and took the celebration back to his house. With a large amount of alcohol being consumed, the party got wild turning the festivities into a nude, pool party. At the time of the sexual assault, the police were told others had gathered around during the rape.

Mr. Lee’s wife was not at the home at the time of the incident.

Goldman Sachs Director Busted for Rape

On Wednesday morning, Lee was arrested and charged with first-degree rape. The bail was set at $20,000. He was arraigned later that day, his wife and family present in the courtroom.

Lee vigorously denies the allegations against him and will most likely plead not guilty at his court hearing set for September 19.

During the arraignment, Lee refused to state his place of employment, but provided the address. A receptionist at Goldman Sachs verified his employment.

Until the matter is resolved, Mr. Lee is on leave of absence from the company. Goldman Sachs has made no comment on the situation.


Written by Lisa Graziano

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