Google’s Chromecast Releases iOS App Alongside Apple TV Update

Google's Chromecast Releases iOS App Alongside Apple TV Update

Google’s Chromecast continues to compete with Apple TV as it releases its iOS app alongside Apple TV’s latest content update.

Google’s Chromecast is an inexpensive little dongle that connects directly into the HDMI port of your television. Chromecast works in conjunction with your computer or mobile device to ‘cast’ videos and web browsing to your television on the same wireless network. If this sounds familiar its because it is basically what Apple TV provides.

Chromecast, which was originally released July 24th (the same day it was announced), is competing with Apple TV in its ability to project music, media, videos, and internet content directly to your HDMI capable television. Apple TV works similarly, however, it has different apps and web portals already built into the device, which only needs an internet connection and television.

As Apple TV has been updating and adding more and more content to their device, Chromecast just released its iOS app on the same day Apple released an update to Apple TV’s content. The iOS app for Chromecast allows all the functionality that the Android app does, allowing one to manage settings, such as passwords and name of the device.

While Chromecast is simply a receiver to work in conjunction with Google Chrome’s web browser, its $35 price tag makes it pretty easy to reach for most consumers. Apple TV is more of a small computer that allows you to do more, and independently from a mobile device or computer, in contrast to Chromecast, but it’s $99 price tag, while obtainable, might dissuade some consumers from the investment.

With Google competing with Apple in so many areas already, it is surprising that it is going to compete in this arena as well. It makes sense for Google to create Chromecast because it provides even more versatility and integration for consumer’s use of Google Chrome web browser as well as Google’s other cloud services.

As we continue to move forward technologically, the integration of different devices, cloud computing and storage, as well as being able to use any computer or device to access your personal information, is going to be more and more commonplace. With the success and continued integration of Google and Apple’s approach to these emerging fields, with services like iCloud, Google Drive, and Apple’s impending iWorks available through a web portal, its no wonder that our television and video watching would become folded into the fray.

As more and more consumers begin to realize the level of integration and cloud accessibility, they will begin to take a larger role in asking for the content these companies and service need to provide. With computers and technology serving as a portal to our information, which is more and more sitting on a server on the internet, it means that the technology we are buying and using aren’t nearly as important as the integrated services they can access. The continued competition and cooperation between large tech companies, such as Google and Apple, will only allow us to have more and more at our finger tips. In this realm of television and media integration, it is good to see a slightly different kind of service with Google’s Chromecast, but it is pitting itself more directly with Apple TV then it may need to.

By Iam Bloom

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