Nidal Hasan: Fort Hood Shooter Rests Case Without Testimony [video]

Self Proclaimed "Soldier of Allah"

"Soldier of Allah"The Army psychiatrist, Major Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 people at Fort Hood has rested his case without defense. On Tuesday during the penalty phase of his trial he called no witnesses and did not testify.

Hasan is a self proclaimed “Soldier of Allah” that not only killed 13 people but caused injured to at least 30 others during the massacre at the Texas military base. He refused testimony and called no witnesses as many anticipated contrary to what many expected him to do to establish his martyrdom case. Out of close to 90 witnesses he only chose to question three of them.

Closing arguments will take place on Wednesday. Last week Hasan was convicted on all counts for the November 2009 shooting. The jurors are deciding whether or not to sentence him to death.

This American born Muslim made attempts, by statements to the judge and leaks in the media, to justify the shootings by saying he was trying to protect Islamic leaders from U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hasan sat without sound as loved ones of his victims shared emotional stories and testimonies concerning the grief he caused them with his violent attack at Fort Hood. Each person shared a unified sense of despair and devastation concerning the way their lives have been impacted after the attack on their loved one.

The mother of 21-year-old Pfc. Michael Pearson, Sheryll, said that initially she learned that Michael had been shot three times and had to have emergency surgery. But she knew when that final call came in that her son was gone and the ability to see who her son would become was taken from her.

Another testimony came from Joleen who was married to 62-year-old Michael G. Cahill for 37 years. He was a civilian physician’s assistant who was known for having a close relationship with the troops. He always took out time to escort the soldiers to the correct treatment room to ensure they were put in the right hands. She also stated that she and their children still call his phone simply to hear his voice mail message. They haven’t touched anything in his favorite room since his passing.

The evidence was strong against Hasan. He ordered business cards on internet and listed his contact info on the cards. He also included a discrete reference of his religion on the cards. The cards were among a host of proof that pointed to Hasan.

Hasan is 42-years-old and paralyzed as a result of his self initiated attack. He was shot in the midst of this tragedy and will either spend the remainder of his life in prison or receive the death penalty. A jury will decide his fate.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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