Words and Sounds Heard In the Womb Are Remembered By Babies (Video)

You’ve always heard it said that babies will recognize the voices of those closest to them during their time in the womb, when they see the light of day. Now researchers are showing that babies can remember and recognize certain patterns of sound and even words from womb time when they are born. That’s right, words and sounds heard while in the womb are remembered by babies.

Well, it isn’t like the skin and muscles separating baby from the world are sound proof and we already know that what the mother experiences, says, hears and feels affects the growing child, but it’s really something to think about actual word recognition from the pre-birth period.  This kind of research shows that impressions on consciousness and on the brain are happening during every phase of a baby’s growth.  It helps to explain why it is so beneficial for pregnant mothers to use practices such as toning, chanting and alpha-state enhancing music on a regular basis.  Not only will mamas feel more relaxed and balanced, the baby will greatly benefit as well.

It’s been shown that certain sounds and sound patterns can arrange sand on the ground as well as molecules – like found in water.  If we are made up of the same elements, then we too can be affected by sound this way.  Watch this amazing video of sound changing sand into patterns:

You can see how different vibrations change the behavior of the sand particles to create patterns. We too are made up of molecules that respond to frequency and vibration. The research studies which tested pregnant mothers used nonsensical words which were required to be repeated on a sound track from 5-7 times per week. These same sounds were played for the newborns, who responded familiarly to them, the same way they would to a mother or father’s voice.  Now just think what would happen using words and sounds that really had meaning.  How much of a greater impact these impressions could have on a newborn.

Yoga Nidra

There are many beneficial ways of using this knowledge, like for example the ancient tantric science of yoga nidra.  This conscious sleep practice, if used during prenatal stages, can prevent negative patterns from forming and keep the newborn open to what is thought to be the ‘inherent’ patterns of genius and creativity that are naturally our birthright. Yoga nidra is the practice of a repeated meditation which takes the listener into deep states of consciousness including dream, deep sleep and beyond. An infant, both pre and post-birth can benefit from this practice in a way that adults never could.

An adult practicing yoga nidra has the opportunity to declutter the subconscious mind from unproductive patterns, the infant, however, can reap the much deeper benefit of staying connected to pre-birth knowledge somehow, according to scientific research done on yoga nidra.

One example is of a woman who used yoga nidra with her baby in the womb and for years, put the child to sleep using the practice.  Tracking the child over her early life, the girl who had experienced yoga nidra over the course of her early development and womb time, tested out of school at an early age.  She ended up graduating before the age of 15 and went on to practice art at a major art school before the age 16.


Chanting is another ancient practice that can greatly benefit both mother and growing baby using the same reasoning as these recent studies. The sound vibrations, emitted during chanting, correlate with different frequencies or vibrational states. According to yogic philosophy, different vibrations equate to different levels of awareness, the higher the frequency, the higher the consciousness. But there is more to it than this. Specific sounds, such as is found in what the yogis call ‘bija mantras’ or seed mantras – Aum, Lam, Ram, Vam, etc. all carry certain intonations that are said to correlate with ‘petals on the chakras’ of the spine. What this really means is that various sounds, put together in a certain fashion activates various degrees of consciousness, or memory of ‘the original state.’

For infants, this can be a profound way to connect with them, pre-birth, and then sustained a heightened connection with them after they are born.  They have already shown infants respond positively if played music such as Mozart, which seems to enhance learning skills and language.  Chanting is thought to have the same sorts of beneficial effects.

Here are some chanting sounds that can greatly benefit a growing baby while in the womb:

Anyway you approach it, whether with simple kind words, music, meditation or chants, studies are now showing that words and sounds heard while in the womb are actually remembered by babies. What a beautiful thing to get to play with as a pregnant mother, and by all those who get to interact with her regularly. A new life is preparing to enter this existence, and the sounds heard while in the womb help to set the stage for a lifetime of resonance.  For more information on the studies – see the sources below.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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