Hate Letter About Autistic Boy Causes Outrage

Hate Letter about Autistic Boy Causes Outrage

A community is outraged after a hate letter written from one neighbor to another about an autistic boy,  Maxwell Begley, caused shock waves in a small Ontario neighborhood. The letter was posted to Twitter by a friend of the boy’s parent, and it quickly went viral on social media.

The letter, which was written on bright pink paper and typed, has an anonymous signature on the bottom- “One Pissed off Mother.” The letter was placed under the door of the Begley’s home. It states that the boy is a “nuisance to everyone” and says in part:

Personally, they should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate it to science. What the hell else good is he to anyone!!! What right do you have to do this to hard working people!!!!!!! I HATE people like you who believe, just because you have a special needs kid, you are entitled to special treatment!!! Go live in a trailer in the woods or something with your wild animal kid!Do the right thing and move or euthentize him! (sic)

The Toronto Star reported that the boy’s mother was greatly upset by what she read. She suffers from multiple sclerosis, and when she saw the letter, she began to hyperventilate. “It made me sick to my stomach to think that somebody hated my son that much and they didn’t even know him,” Karla Begley said. “But they just hated him because he was different. That’s the only reason they had to hate him.”

Now, Canadian police are investigating to first find the anonymous writer and then to determine whether or not she broke any laws in writing the letter. The Begley family plans on pressing charges if possible.

The letter states that the boy will never be loved by anyone normal, and that the family should move out of the neighborhood to give the rest of the residents peace and quiet. At one point, the letter refers to “whaling” sounds the boy makes when he is outside. We’ll assume the writer meant to say “wailing.”

“Maxwell makes a noise polluting whaling … that scares the hell out of my normal children … What the hell good is he to anyone?” the writer asks.

The author also states that no one else in the community has the “guts” to tell the Begley family that they wish the family would move. However, earlier today, over 100 people from the boy’s neighborhood came out to support him by cheering and clapping. His mother says he is happy with the attention and doesn’t know it is the result of anything negative.

The boy’s father is concerned about the safety of his son. “A person that’s that crazy or demented who would fabricate something like that…it leads me to believe that they’re very dangerous and right now I’m scared for my son’s safety,” said Jim Begley.

Comments on social media indicate that the writer is not only cruel, but very misinformed and ignorant of the issues surrounding the special needs population. Thousands of comments have poured in from every corner of the United States and the original Tweet has been retweeted over 6,000 times.

Police are continuing their investigation.

By: Rebecca Savastio

3 Responses to "Hate Letter About Autistic Boy Causes Outrage"

  1. Siobhan   August 20, 2013 at 7:09 am

    The letter is heartbreaking. How can someone be so cruel to such an innocent person and his family?

  2. Deb   August 20, 2013 at 6:42 am

    This makes me sick, the person who wrote this is mentally unstable. If this were a “normal” mother she would not have so much hate in her heart for any child. God is the only one who can decide what normal should be and I believe the boy is what god would want normal to be (not knowing hatred only knowing love). I have a special needs daughter and I get more love and joy from her than I believe a lot of parents get from their so called “normal” children. This person should be found and run out of town!


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