Hospital Denies Medical Negligence After Throwing out Kidney

Hospital Denies Medical Negligence after Throwing out Kidney

hospital medical negligence thrown out kidneyThe University of Toledo Medical Center denies practicing medical negligence and is requesting their case with Sarah Fudackz be dismissed. Last August, Fudackz went under for a kidney transplant from her brother but awoke to find the organ had been thrown out before reaching her. The Fudackz family is suing the hospital as the mistake sentenced her to a total of 5 more surgeries and additional dialysis. Not to mention the personal pain, stress, and the possibility of not being able to find another match to complete her necessary kidney transplant. The hospital has sincerely apologized to the victim and her family but seek out having their case dismissed, as the kidney was thrown out by accident.

Sarah Fudacz has been dealing with kidney problems since she was a late teen experiencing kidney failure. By the time she was in her early twenties, she endured dialysis each week. Her younger brother, Paul Fudacz Jr., was a perfect match and admitted he was excited to be able to help out his sister. Sarah’s scheduled surgery had ended early and a nurse had assumed she passed away in surgery, so she proceeded to throw it away. The hospital helped the Fudacz family find a new kidney for their daughter. They found a match in Colorado and the hospital paid for travel expenses for Sarah to undergo another, successful, transplant.

Though the kidney Sarah received in Colorado was a match, it wasn’t a perfect match, as her brother’s would have been. This means that the kidney will not last as long which could bring more surgeries, hospital stays, and possibly transplants. The family stands their ground nobly on their position in legal proceedings. Sarah’s parents, Paul Sr. and Ellen Fudacz experienced terrifying emotions in the waiting room as the failed transplant was taking place. Curiosity and anxiety took over when Sarah’s name had been removed from the update board before Paul Jr.’s dreading the worst. They were not notified of why Sarah was taken out of surgery, or why Paul Jr. was still under the knife. They sat in wonder fearing their daughter had died.

The University of Toledo Medical Center has gone through reviews internally and externally as well as terminated the nurse in question according to the family in an interview with ABC. They also said the hospital was fighting their case and trying to have some charges dropped pertaining to the trashed kidney. After suspending their live kidney donation program for a short time and clarifying procedures, the program is up and running again.

The family still seeks justice and settlement, suing for medical negligence. Sarah was able to spend a little time with the organ after it was retrieved from the trash. She awoke to see the kidney resting in a bio-waste protective container instead of inside her own body.  Though the hospital feels their contributions to the family may be enough, the Fudackz family disagrees and seemed to have set out to have their story heard. They are fighting for a years worth of dialysis and four additional surgeries that would not have been completely necessary, had her brother’s kidney not made its way to the trash.

By: Jodi Phillips


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