Indiana SUV Crushed Between two Trucks, 7 are Dead

Jasper County Court House Rensselaer, IN

A traffic jam in Jasper County, Indiana, resulted in the death of 7 people.  An SUV was crushed between two trucks, causing an explosion and fire.

The SUV was stopped behind a big rig, when another approached it from behind, and failed to stop before slamming into the passenger vehicle.  It was rammed into the truck ahead of them, exploded, and caught fire.

When the flames were extinguished by the fire department, they discovered two bodies inside.  It was burned so badly that it had to be taken to the Keener Township Fire Department to search for other bodies.

They found the bodies of three adults and four children in all.  They were all relatives.

Police identified the dead as Indiana residents Lindsey Williams, 27; Arielle Goldman, 3; Yazmin Goldman, 5; Amado Mangual, 49; and Atlanta residents Jamin Osborne, 5; Jasmin Osborne, 7; and Yvette Williams, 35.

One of the truck drivers was hospitalized, the other was not injured.

James Turnage


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