Lindsay Lohan Launches a New Website

Lindsay Lohan Launches a New Website

On Thursday, Lindsay Lohan launched a new website.  One of the first posts on was a personal thank you from the 27 year old actress to all the fans that have supported her through the years.  The second post was actually a message to the First Dog, Bo, “We can make fetch happen anytime Bo! Sending love to your Mom, Dad, and Sisters. Xo” This came as a response to a Tweet made by the official White House Twitter account earlier in the week.  A picture of Bo Obama sitting in the Oval Office with a  tennis ball in his mouth, begging to play, accompanied this tweet, “Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen.” This was actually a reference to a line from the movie Mean Girls which starred Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.  McAdams’ character famously tells another character, who keeps trying to make the word “fetch” into a new buzz word, “Stop trying to make fetch happen.  It’s not going to happen.”

Also on are trailers for Lohan’s upcoming interview with Oprah on the OWN network, photos from Lindsay’s successful stint guest hosting Chelsea Lately, a video about her interview with David Letterman, as well as a gallery of all her magazine shoots through the years. There is also a page that displays Lohan’s fashion sense and a detailed biography.

The website is the latest in a series of accomplishments for the actress who recently completed a 90 day stint in rehab.  In addition to her interview with Oprah, Lindsay Lohan will also guest star in an upcoming episode of the HBO series, Eastside and Down, as the illegitimate daughter of Danny McBride’s character, Kenny.   Her performance (and overall professionalism) has earned her early accolades not only from critics but from the cast and crew of the show, who rewarded with a standing ovation on her last day on set.


By Karen Walcott


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