iPad 5 Rumors on Release Date, Price and Specs

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iPad 4 was released back in the fall of 2012, rumors suggest the iPad 5 is expected to make an appearance later this fall. In addition to iPad 5, the iPad mini 2 may also be making a grand entrance around the same time. PC Advisor obtained leaked photos of the casing, and reports suggest the color Gold may also appear as an option for the new iPads.  The iPad 5 is expected to be thinner and lighter, with enhanced specs. The pricing is rumored to be around $620 to start. No pricing suggestions have been leaked regarding the iPad mini 2.

Courtesy of PC Advisor. Leaked casings of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2
Courtesy of PC Advisor. Leaked casings of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

There are rumors of specs for the iPad 5 which encompass a 9.7-inch Retina display (similar to iPad 4). The rear camera is rumored to be of higher megapixels, with the A7 processor and iOS 7 operating system. Pricing suggests there could be a GPS receiver feature included with the iPad package. The iPad 5, reportedly will be thinner and lighter than the iPad mini, but provide a larger screen size and sharper display PPI.

Over the last few months, tech outlets and consumers have been enraptured by the iPhone next generation. Those same outlets are reporting the iPhone 5S/5C will be released in September, and the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will be released in October, or at the latest- November. The pricing while rumored as earlier listed to be over $600, could vary based on WiFi versions, and memory storage. The iPad 5 is suggested to offer memory options as high as 128GB.

Apple has to make a comeback; it’s tablet race in China has been conquered by Android devices. Research groups in China point to the fact Apple has not developed or delivered iPads that keep committed customers. Android devices, especially Samsung offer enhanced specs at reduced pricing. The Chinese researchers state with the rumors of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, Chinese favor can be gained once more.

Wacom, the manufacturer behind the S-Pen technology is rumored to be tapped for the new iPad generation. The Apple app market has creative apps like ArtRage and Psykopaint, so introducing a stylus into the accessory line-up is quite appealing. Unnamed sources close to Wacom state the experience is as seamless as using pen on paper for the iPad. The pen is rumored to hit stores in the U.S. in October for about $100. If this is true per sources of the manufacturer, this confirms the pending release of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

The rumors will continue to roll in over the next couple of months, as will pricing variations and spec improvements. Apple seems to be struggling against Android in the tablet market. It’s time for them to hit it out of the ballpark, which for Apple, is not a major complication. They have a dedicated fan base due to the diligence and dedication to their ecology. They simply need to expand choice, and a simple addition of Gold and Gray peppered into color choices can be seen as huge move. Enhanced specs, the camera, and offering an attractive price will ring in a very Happy Holidays for both consumers and Apple.

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