Anti Psychotics Naturally – Who’s Really Crazy? (video)

antipsychotic naturally - who's really crazy?
We have a ‘standard’ of normality in the world, especially in western countries, which labels a percentage of the population as ‘normal’ and others – who go outside of said qualifications – ‘crazy.’  They are tricky parameters to stay within, especially in those who have more creative minds and eccentric personalities.  There are those, however, who are labeled schizophrenic, who cannot seem to fit into the prescribed collective reality at all.  And though they may be experiencing another very valid reality, they are not able to be in the more familiar and agreed upon one, and are therefore considered a risk to themselves and others.  Many of these people end up on anti- psychotic medication to help ‘normalize’ them, but these drugs can also dumb the person to such an extent that they are no longer an individual.  Who’s crazy now?  And is there anyway to approach anti psychotics naturally?

Schizophrenia is a serious condition which disallows one to associate with an agreed upon reality.  Now, let it be mentioned that for all intents and purposes, each one of us are actually perceiving reality differently from one another to varying degrees.  Usually, the gap is smaller though, and readily navigated for the ease of communication as we are – in general – aware of the over-riding collective agreement.  You have met someone, at one time or another, who you believed to live in a completely different reality than yourself – and you no doubt thought that either they were crazy, or you were. No?

Here we are, in a shared world, one in which we must learn to live together in harmony and balance to our greatest ability.  So, sometimes it is necessary to acknowledge when that is not happening due to some internal disruptions, and either stay at home to deal with them, or do something in order to interface with the world more easily.

Sometimes, the only way our bodies, minds and emotions can deal with trauma is to create inner splits or ‘voices’ which are really meant for our healing and benefit.  In these cases, it would be wise to stay in a private space, home or otherwise, until the healing has completed.  Otherwise, there are some natural approaches that may be tried to help one integrate the inner segmentation that has occurred, allowing one to return to world-interaction once again.

Essential oils

Essential oils can be very helpful in assisting one to overcome cases of psychosis and schizophrenia because they cross the blood-brain barrier and help regulate brain chemicals and the neurology of the body.  Specifically, frankincense, the oil of Melissa, lavender, sandalwood, rosemary and vetiver have been shown helpful for those dealing with psychotic episodes.

These oils taken internally inside empty capsules, and applied to acupressure points on the body, along side a healthy diet and exercise routine can help someone balance their mental state and return to balance.  Listed in sources below there are varying examples of protocol followed for relief using essential oils.

Fish and Flax oil

Those exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia have been shown to have a reduced quantity of essential fatty acids in the body, most importantly the omega-3 fatty acids which assist with proper brain function and development.  Very few food sources offer omega-3 fatty acids, so it is critical to include foods like fatty fish, flax oil and blue-green algae in the diet somehow in order to make sure to get these vital nutrients, important for everyone’s health – not just those at risk for psychosis.

In 2010, a study published in Archives of General Psychiatry and written up in Medscape Medical News credible evidence was given to show those who took fish oil supplements were less likely to go from a “subthreshold psychotic state to full-blown psychosis.”  Those who took the supplement over a 12 week period were able to affect their mental state vulnerability for apparently up to one year, showing those who consumed the fish oil had a “22.6% difference in risk of progression to psychosis” than those taking a placebo.

Founder and director of the Recognition and Prevention (RAP) Program, Barbara Cornblatt, PhD, who also acted as investigator at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Manhasset, New York said of omega-3 fish oil therapy, that it “could offer a natural alternative to the range of medications and therapies that we currently use.”

Gut Flora Balance

There is a huge movement currently to expose how imbalanced gut flora can contribute to compromised mental states from autism to schizophrenia.  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride speaks about this phenomenon in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Here is what she has to say about how compromised digestion can affect our mental states:

More information can be gleaned from Dr. Natasha’s website found in the sources links below.

Avoid Marijuana 

There is a big push today to legalize marijuana for various health conditions such as cancer and pain relief.  It may be true that many things can be aided with the use of medical cannabis, however, schizophrenia is not on such a list.  Studies have shown that smoking marijuana can actually increase the tendency of one to develop symptoms of psychosis such as schizophrenia.  In the May issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry 4,000 adults around the age of 21 were watched, finding the longer a participant used marijuana, the more likely they were to develop psychotic tendencies.  The study suggests that “If you are a teenager and you smoke marijuana, you put yourself at risk, especially if you have the gene or genes suspected of predisposing one to schizophrenia.

Ultimately, those who experience psychosis, either long-term or in shorter episodes are obviously dealing with some deep issues which need addressing.  How those things are tackled can vary from person to person, as is how well alternative methods can actually be of assistance.  Can natural alternatives to anti-psychotics be helpful for those who are “really crazy”, whatever that means?  It’s worth a try if you or someone you know is struggling with split personalities and voices in the head.  The first step may be to just try and listen to what is coming through and see if attention can cure it.  In the long-run, a healthy diet supplemented with essential oils and fatty acids can be a big help.

The following TED talk is from a woman who used to hear voices and has healed herself through getting real with the issue.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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