Killings for Fun – Terrifying Trait of the Week

Two killings happening in the interval of one week shocked America

On August 16, Australian baseball player was shot dead while jogging in the neighborhood of Dunken, Oklahoma. He was 23 year old. Five days later on August 21, 88 year old man, veteran of the WWII, was beaten to death on the parking lot in North Spokane, Washington. Killings are not related to each other, but they have one common trait:  they were both meaningless and brutal, and they were both committed for fun.

After the first killing everybody was stunned by its cynicism. On Friday August 16, Christopher Lane, a young Australian athlete studying in the USA on the baseball scholarship was jogging. He passed the house with three teenagers inside, two black and one white. They had nothing to do, felt bored, and were waiting for a victim. They jumped in a car and shoot him in the back while driving behind.

When Christopher Lane was dying in the paramedic’s car bored teenagers were driving away not yet satisfied. They were arrested four hours later after one witness called the police describing three juveniles with the guns looking like they want to kill someone.

The killing of Delbert Belton, the 88 old Veteran of the WWII, was no less disgusting and had the same pattern.

Two Black teenage boys with no evident reason assaulted him in his own car around 8pm. They were supposedly 16 and 19 year old. They beat him on the head with the heavy flashlights until he was covered in blood and lost consciousness. Delbert Belton died the following morning from his wounds in the hospital.

According to the police, one of the suspects was arrested on Friday.  Hopefully, the second will be also found soon, but justice doesn’t change the fact of senseless horrifying death of an old man -”Shorty” as everybody called him affectionately.

The veteran of the biggest war in the human history survived the Battle of Okinawa which lasted 82 days and took lives of 12,513 American servicemen. He found his death 68 years later from the hands of the young kids in the country he wanted to protect during the war.

Assaulters didn’t know, of course, they are killing the WWII veteran, but what kind of a human being should you be to beat a helpless 88 year old man even if he is not a war hero?

What’s wrong with those teens? Why the only things they knew were boredom and hatred? Why didn’t they have good role models around to follow the trait? Where were the teachers, parents, social workers, people who care and can help?  

Many question that lead to no answers.  

Just facts:   

The USA is a leading country by the number of murders comparing to other developed nations.

By the data collected by UNODC (United Nations office on Drugs and Crime) 14,748 intentional homicides per 100,000 people were committed in the USA in 2010.

If you want to compare numbers, look at this: In 2009 there were 722 intentional homicides per the same rate of population in the United Kingdom. In France – 682. In Canada – 554. In Germany – 690. In Denmark – 47.

According to the Department of Justice, 784 juveniles were arrested for murder in 2010.   

Written by Alsu Salalhutdinov

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