Mumbai Declares Shock in Gang Rape of Journalist


Breaking News - Mumbai Declares Shock in Gang Rape of Journalist

Friday in an isolated area of Mumbai’s business district is where a young journalist was gang raped and her male counterpart tied and bludgeoned.

At around 7 p.m. on Friday, the photojournalist and her co-worker were on assignment taking photographs in an area that was once a fabric-manufacturing neighborhood. Her assignment was to photograph the neighborhood that over the past 10 years has turned into a trendy neighborhood accommodating high-end condominiums, flashy malls and restaurants along side slum, discarded textile mills.

Mumbai police report five men were reportedly assisting the reporters’ access into one of the crumbling buildings in order to take pictures. Once inside the building, the men became agitated accusing the male journalist of being connected with a crime locally.

Denying any involvement in the accusations, the five men then tied the male co-worker’s hands with a belt, and then forced the female into a different portionof the  building. This is where the young woman was gang raped by the men.

The woman was taken to the nearest hospital and reported to be in stable condition, physically. The name of the company for who she works has not been disclosed.

An arrest was made Friday and the suspect identifying the four other men involved in the rape for which sketches have been released.

Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh has not released any names or details on the four men being sought, noting the element of surprise was needed in their capture. However, the Police Commissioner did state that the persons in which they are seeking may be involved in dealing drugs.


Breaking News - Mumbai Declares Shock in Gang Rape of Journalist 2

Members of journalist associations were included in a meeting of 1,000 that was held Friday evening to protest the atrocities of such violence. During the protest, signs were held condemning the increasing sexual violence penetrating India.

In India’s Parliament, Home Minister Singh stated it is the government’s recommendation that harsh penalties be implemented to those involved in this heinous act.

Written By Lisa Graziano


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  1. kka   August 24, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Again, whats wrong with Indian men? What is wrong with India?

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