Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s Power Struggles over Baby North [Video]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye's Power Struggles over Baby North

The power struggle begins between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over their new bundle of joy, baby North West.

“Control” is the issue surrounding the conflict between Kim and her soon-to-be rapper husband. The wedding date still has not been set.

Since the birth of baby North on June 15, Kanye has taken control over everything involving the lives of his two women, says an anonymous source.

Just recently, on Kris Jenner’s talk show Gabfest, Kris- being the mother to Kim and grandmother to baby North, Kane tweeted to the world what all had been anxiously waiting; a first look at an adorable picture of their two-month old daughter. And, the delectable tyke made her first debut without mama Kim ‘s presence.

Kim Kardashian and Kayne's Power Struggles Over Baby North {Video}

Kim is having a tantrum that Kanye is controlling the public announcements made about their child. She didn’t even get to make the baby announcement when she found out about her very first pregnancy. This is causing struggle between the couple.

In keeping Kim’s fame significantly public with her fans, pictures of she and the baby need to be out there for public view.

Kim is a celebrity, reality star whose stardom began way back when the paparazzi caught her holding hands with Nick Lachey at The Da Vinci Code movie premier—Come on, they only dated for a week!

Lachey had just separated from his singer/actress wife Jessica Simpson. Fans and the paparazzi both were infatuated with the girl attached to the newly single Lachey’s arm.

The photo-snapping frenzy is what launched the Kardashian enterprise resulting in the highly viewed reality show Living With The Kardashians and instant fame for Kim and her trademarked voluptuous curves.

Being a sought after reality star, Kim is very public with her fans and puts her life out there on display. And Kanye, a source snitches, is now controlling all aspects of his child’s and Kim’s life. “Doing it all his way” is creating struggles between Kanye and Kim over baby North.

In August, the family of three traveled to Oklahoma to pay respects at Kanye’s grandfather’s funeral. Grandfather, Portwood Williams Sr. filled an important role in the rapper’s life.

In February for the first time, the grandfather was introduced to Kim. Ever so elegantly, he stated how he fell in love with Kim’s beauty and sweet, down to earthiness. Ahh!

Along with that of his rapper grandson, Grandfather William’s fame came in the 1950’s when he helped desegregate lunch counters in Oklahoma State.

At the funeral, paparazzi flocked to get a picture of the infant to no avail. The tot was covered with a blanket preventing the paps a peep.

See! Even taking pictures of the child without the daddy’s permission is a big no-no!

An indication of the rumored struggle between the two celebs may have been caught in July on a video taken at the LAX airport.

In July, Kanye had a run in with a paparazzi who had approached him saying “I love your work.” This set the rapper off on an incoherent rant spouting remarks such as “Don’t talk to me. Don’t talk to anyone that anyone knows!” and on and on and on.

On Gabfest, Kris Jenner explained that Kanye’s strange reaction was because of sleep deprivation in having a new baby in the house. However, Kim has been the one secluding herself at home with the child while Kayne is out and about making personal appearances.

Parents know the struggles of raising a child together. And no matter how famous the parent, reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kayne West’s power struggles over Baby North have not gone unnoticed in the real world.


Written by Lisa Graziano

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