Lamar Odom Victim of Kardashian Conspiracy?

Lamar Odom Victim of Kardashian Conspiracy?

Kris Humphries claims that Lamar Odom is the victim of a huge Kardashian conspiracy. Apparently Humphries remembers all too well how he was hounded by the press when going through his breakup with Kim Kardashian. He believes that Lamar is going through a similar ordeal.

Humphries says that while he doesn’t know Lamar well enough to make any sort of judgement about what is really happening, he feels that Odom has been set up. In other words, he has had help with his fall from Kardashian grace.

Lamar Odom has had more than his share of disturbing headlines recently. The catalogue of his misdeeds are increasing daily.

The 33 year-old NBA player has a list of mishaps/transgressions that include: cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian; being addicted to crack cocaine, or Oxycodone, and Ambien; missing; found; arrested for DUI; losing his license for said DUI; going to court over child maintenance issues.

We hope we got everything there. All that is missing are the accusations of kicking small pets and/or abusing his family physically.

Humphries allegations about the Kardashian clan making Lamar Odom as possible victim of a conspiracy makes them sound like an offshoot of the Illuminati. But on the outside looking in, which Kris has to do as he is no longer in the circle of trust, it could make sense.

The list of Odom’s problems differ according to which publication you read. Even the reports of what the man is addicted to ranges from crack to prescription drugs.

But Kris says he went through “tabloid hell” during his problems with his ex Kim. It is probably his shared experience that has him speaking out. But it could be that as a fellow NBA player, he feels some sort of connection with Lamar. He has already spoken of his concern that all this adverse publicity will have on Odom’s future with the NBA.

Humphries has said that he was “targeted” just like Lamar. And looking at the amount of negative things that Odom has gotten his name attached to, it could look like there has been a concerted effort to “get the dirt” on the basketball player.

If it is true, does that mean Khloe Kardashian’s claim to be “standing by her man” is some sort of smoke screen? Is Kris Jenner pulling strings in the background to help make Odom out to be the bad guy? Do you care?

This may all seem to make sense to Humphries. After all, he did go through something similar. But it is more likely that Lamar has just hit a very bad patch and that, sooner or later, it will be over and he will move on.

Until that happens we will continue to see reports on his battle with drug addiction and taking taxis everywhere with Khloe in attendance. But we leave you with one thought. If this was a Kardashian conspiracy against Lamar Odom, surely Khloe and her family would be talking divorce with someone. As it stands now, no one has taken that final step. So Lamar as victim doesn’t quite fit, unless it is as the victim of his own actions.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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