Lamar Odom’s Drug Abuse and Affairs Defeats Marriage with Khloe Kardashian?

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The end of a marriage is nothing to ever be celebrated. Regardless, a couple lives under the spotlight or in seclusion, the pain of betrayal is real and ugly. The wounds Khloe is awakening to is no less painful than another spouse in her position. TMZ reports Lamar Odom has suffered with a severe drug addiction for the last two years. Khloe, for those couple of years has pressured her husband to seek help. Per TMZ, she even visited the centers, begging him to stay and get the help he needed. Lamar, reports celebrity outlets, became tired of his wife’s persistence and left for good, once Khloe confronted him and kicked him out. Add in the alleged affairs and Khloe is left behind emotionally battered and torn.

While, story after story mocks the spotlight focused on the Kardashians, within the glow lies a deeper issue. The pain of Khloe, one of the more liked Kardashians is facing a husband who gave up his marriage before his addiction.  Sadly, the relationship between Lamar and drugs is not a new discovery. The former Clippers player faced suspension from the team in 2001 because of his excessive drug issues. He sought rehab and came back to dominate the court, winning two championships with the Lakers.

A somber Khloe steps out, sans wedding ring.
A somber Khloe steps out, sans wedding ring.

Sadly, it seems Lamar’s old love affair with drugs has come back strong. Reports indicate after the 2012-2013 NBA season, Lamar slipped back into his old habits. The problems became so significant, the Kardashians staged an intervention. One, Lamar opposed to. A line was drawn in the sand by Khloe, who for sometime, had accused her husband of cheating on her. Pictures surfaced all over the web the last few days, showing a paler, quieter and sadder Khloe.

This could stem from the starting fact that several women stepped forward claiming they had slept with the NBA star. One woman, not new to the basketball circuit of players, was Myla Sinanaj. Myla who also dated Kris Humphries stated Lamar suffers from a roving eye, and even hit on her. She shared with Hollywood Life, that during a 2011 Super Bowl party at Jay Z’s club, Lamar handed her a business card. The only item on it was his number, and he boldly told her to call him. Myla does state she has never slept with or been intimate with Lamar, but cited several instances where he flirted and made advances on other women.

Divorce has not cropped up from any sources, stating that the couple still love one another.  On Friday, Khloe tweeted “Only the strong will survive,” a testament to the troubles her marriage is now enduring. A close, unnamed friend of Khloe’s stated the reality star wants to help Lamar, and does not want to leave him for good. The couple married in 2009 and have faced troubles with conceiving a child, atop of battling infidelity rumors from women claiming to have slept with Lamar.

The happy couple married in 2009
The once happy couple married in 2009

One can only hope that if a drug problem is the crux of this seemingly happily married couple’s issues, Lamar will take steps to prevent losing his wife. The cameras may catch the nuances of the controversial family, but deeper yet are the issues never seen. Khloe rises this morning with a heavy heart, and lots of decisions to make. Decisions, millions of spouses face everyday when they are battling a spouse with a drug problem. Hopefully, her family will not make this a grandstanding opportunity on their show, and instead show support for Khloe. The mark of infidelity and drug abuse is a very real pain, one that should never be exposed to cameras and ratings.




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