Lisa Robin Kelly Dead at 43 Life After That 70s Show Not Good

Lisa Robin Kelly Life After That 70s Show Not Good

Lisa Robin Kelly Life After That 70s Show Not Good

Lisa Robin Kelly who played the older sister of Topher Grace’s character Eric Foreman has been discovered dead in her room at the rehabilitation centre where she had voluntarily checked herself in. She was 43 years-old. Life for the actress was not good after she left the cast of That 70s Show. She had a drinking problem and was in an abusive marriage and had several brushes with the law.

The last project that Kelly worked in was the 2012 short film SUX2BME playing the role of an angel. Prior to that she’d worked on another short film in 2005. Once she left the popular That 70s Show work for the actress dried up.

She played Laurie, Eric’s older sister and she left the show after a five year stint. She returned briefly in season five for about four episodes. She was then replaced with actress Christina Moore in season six. Lisa told ABC News that during the run of That 70s Show she was “guilty of a drinking problem and I ran.”

Kelly’s ex-husband, Robert Joseph Gilliam allegedly abused her physically when they were married and last may, the 61 year-old Gilliam beat her to get the residual money from her part on the popular 70’s Show. In June this year, he was convicted of domestic battery and given three years probation after serving 35 days in jail for the charge battery.

A look at the 43 year-old actress’s life after That 70s Show reveal that on top of her working less in the industry, the personal part of her life was not very good either. A pattern of alcohol abuse and spousal abuse became a repetitive cycle in her life until she died on Wednesday night.

TMZ reports that Kelly’s agent said that she had checked herself into the centre for her alcohol problem and that she was determined to get herself straight. The agent also said, “She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle.”

According to sources, Kelly had been on the “wagon” for a while, but, she started drinking again after the beating that her ex-husband gave her last May. She filed for divorce in July 2012. TMZ say that her new boyfriend took Lisa to rehab on Monday night, apparently at her request.

Reports of Kelly’s death on Wednesday night say that she suffered cardiac arrest while asleep at the rehab facility and could not be resuscitated. According to TMZ, when paramedics arrived at the rehab centre, Lisa had needle marks on both of her arms.

Her boyfriend stated that she had gone to the hospital on Sunday night with a .34 blood alcohol limit and the nurses could not find a vein to take blood. He also said that he blames Gilliam for her relapse.

Lisa Robin Kelly did not just have an alcohol problem. She also had a few encounters with law enforcement officials over the last three years. Two of her encounters did have to do with alcohol related driving offences.

She had also been arrested for assault, the first time was in March 2012, when she was charged with the felony offense of corporal injury upon a spouse. The charge was instigated because her ex-boyfriend had lodged a complaint with police. Kelly later revealed in a public statement to TMZ that she was actually the person who had been assaulted. Later in the year the charges were dropped by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Lisa Robin Kelly became well known through appearing in That 70s Show. But her career went into a slump after her departure. Kelly wanted to turn things around, she got rid of her allegedly abusive husband and then voluntarily checked herself into rehab to “dry out.” Her life was not good after she “ran” from her alcohol problem initially and tragically her last attempt to stay sober was cut short.

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