Miley Cyrus on Drugs Biggest Search Engine Term

Miley Cyrus on Drugs Biggest Search Engine Term

Looking at our site’s Search Engine Terms today I found that “Miley + Cyrus + Drugs” was the leader in terms of what the biggest searches were just on the Las Vegas Guardian Express. It takes up, in fact, the top three search columns on the site. That proves two things; one – that Miley got what she wanted from her display of bad taste on the MTV Video Music Awards, and two – that most people who watched her performance felt that she had to be on drugs to act that way.

It is the latter belief that needs to be addressed. For those of us who watched the awards ceremony and sat slack jawed with shock and disbelief, it seemed apparent that no “sober” person would be acting that way. Not in a show that is broadcast to millions of television sets across the world. As a writer of entertainment features, I was moved to question whether or not she had been taking, or snorting, Molly the MDMA Ecstasy derivative before she went on stage and actually asked the question, “Was that Miley or Molly we saw up on stage?”

I am not alone in my questioning of her sobriety and the apparent lack thereof. Looking at the search engine terms on our site, a lot of people felt the same way and were asking a similar question.

It could very well be that Cyrus was not on any drug at all. Not in the physical sense at least. She could be drunk on her freedom to perform the way that she wants to. After all, one of the prevalent lyrics in her song, We Can’t Stop is “We can do what we want to.” Which she apparently did on Sunday during the MTV VMA event.

Miley promised her fans that she would do something outrageous and she delivered. Whether or not her performance was acceptable for the younger teenagers in the home audience to see was not, apparently, an issue for Cyrus or the producers of the show. Let us face facts, in terms of viewing figures, the MTV VMA has been losing on the rating front for years.

There have been complaints about her stripping down to a flesh colored outfit and grinding her “twerking” nether region into the lap of a male singer old enough to be her father. It was to be expected. The whole point of Miley Cyrus’ act on the show seemed to be her final declaration that Hannah Montana was dead.

This culmination of her, almost frantic, desire to escape the imaginary bonds of her childhood role is saddening and alarming. This young lady is adored by millions of fans who are young teenagers. The example that she set on Sunday will upset parents the world over.

It can be argued that Miley has done nothing that society hasn’t already started. The sexualisation of our youth grows more each day. The age levels of the youngsters who are being sexualized are getting lower. If you don’t believe it, look around the next time you go shopping.

Young girls who cannot be any older than 12 are parading around in shorts so tiny that if the sun went behind a cloud they could be arrested for indecent exposure. But old Bob Hope jokes aside, that isn’t really the issue here. Neither is it an issue about whether or not Miley Cyrus was on drugs during or prior to her performance. The issue is that our children are having their childhood shortened by a considerable amount of years because as a society we have become youth obsessed.

Miley Cyrus knows this. Her music videos preach the message that because they are young they can do what they want to. And if a 20 year-old elfen singer wants to parade her “new found” sexuality in front of the world we cannot stop her. At least that is what she would have us believe.

The last thing that springs immediately to mind, after the, “Was Miley on drugs question,” is that she performed some sort of bizarre career hari-kari? Considering that a lot of people are putting the drugs question into the search engine terms, that could be a possible conclusion. Although no one is searching to see if Miley Cyrus killed her career, that may very well be what she wanted to accomplish. The young lady in question has not explained her performance on the night and she may never do so. If she doesn’t, it may because she was “under the influence” either physically or metaphorically. Or she is just tired of it all.


By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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