Money -Paying with Abundance

Money -Paying With Abundance

Rolling up to the gas station, it’s generally either cash or credit, and some stores still prefer only cash.  You can now deposit checks with a phone application, without ever having to step foot in a bank, while swiping your debit card has become the ‘norm’ nearly everywhere you go.  What if we didn’t have to use cash or plastic? What if money could also be counted in chicken eggs and chocolate beans?  This actually used to be the case for thousands of years, and today more and more people are starting to pay one another with an abundance of goods and services instead of money.

Paper and coin money hasn’t really been around all that long.  The earliest form of currency was actually livestock – cows, chickens, goats, sheep, camels.  In fact, from roughly 9000-6000 B.C. animals were golden, in that if you had them, you were wealthy.  Along with animals, produce and grains were traded as well.  Barley used to be more valuable than silver.  From that, the Chinese used cowrie shells as did the Africans and those near the Pacific and Indian oceans.  These shells of the mollusc have actually been the most used form of currency for the longest period of time that we know of.

It wasn’t until 1000 B.C. when the first coins were invented in China for simple ease of trade.  Around the world, so many different forms of currency have been recognized such as chocolate beans in Mayan America, salt throughout Africa, squirrel pelts in Russia, potato mashers in ancient Bafia – where you could purchase a wife for 30 mashers – nails, pigs, beans, quartz, feathers, eggs, the list goes on and on.  What about money today?

In so many ways, the standard form of currency has become more and more of an inconvenience with changes in the economy and so many people struggling to make it.  The modern world is finding a way to healthfully navigate around the dollars and cents by creating avenues of exchange unlike the world has perhaps ever seen, though mirroring trade of ancient civilizations at the same time.

A new perspective of ‘money as energy’ has started to emerge, giving individuals the idea that if they can come up with another form of energy – which is just as valuable to the one they ‘owe’ money – then it may be used in place of cash.  Trades are starting to emerge as well as the simple act of giving stuff away – when the abundance is there – and receiving, when the needs are present.

Many of you have heard of the term ‘pay it forward’, which has been implemented in several places around the world such as restaurants, where you do not pay for your own meal, but rather for someone yet to come.  In this way, those who cannot afford food, may still end up enjoying a meal on someone else’s dime.  Barter and trade are reappearing through Facebook and on-line group pages and there is even a strictly bartering site now, where you can find everything from hotels and mechanics to loaves of bread.  All you have to do is register your ‘gift’, ‘talent’ or ‘barter tool’ and you are in the game.

Money is starting to return to the form of advice, raspberries, massage treatments, knowledge and cups of coffee as more and more people are interested in finding ‘alternative ways to pay’ using the abundance they already have.  If you are a woman in need of clothes, in most American ‘trendy’ cities today you could probably locate what is called a ‘Naked Lady party.’  At these events, women of all ages and sizes bring together their old, unworn clothing and ‘trade’ them for new clothes – all for free.  I have been doing these events for over 4 years now and haven’t spent a penny on clothes in all that time.

More and more people are discovering the power of trade and the enjoyment of bartering.  As long as we can get our ‘basic needs’ covered, there isn’t much of a need for that green stuff.  Yes, it is always great to have a flow of cash, at least at this point in time, though things are changing.  The most important thing to do is to find yourself in a healthy relationship with money.  Not necessarily ‘needing’ it, but realizing that when it is truly required it will show up – or something of equal value will – in its place.  This attitude becomes more and more possible when people stop attaching themselves to the idea of ‘getting money’ and instead realize there is a healthy flow of all goods and services available all the time if we can just tap into it.

If you think about it, there is an excessive number of cars ALREADY created.  There is furniture enough for everyone – NOW.  Houses, plenty.  Clothing, way more than enough.  In fact, everything you could ever need exists in excess somewhere – all one has to do is be open to aligning with it – and there it is.  Money can be anything, chocolate beans, a cup of tea, childcare, a trip to the store, carpentry work, a song, whatever you have an abundance of that someone else finds they need.

Until we completely eliminate bills, there will still be a need for cash…but we are on our way.  Look for some way today to improve your money flow, by using something else in its place.  Love and kindness go a long way! Don’t forget the age-old principle, give what you wish to receive…and the windows of heaven will pour down their abundance…something like that.  Instead of money today, trying paying with abundance – even as an attitude – and see what happens!


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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