New Earthquake Hits Raoul Island

New earthquake hits Raoul Island

A moderate earthquake, 5.O magnitude, just hit Raoul Island, New Zealand, with an epicenter 55km west-northwest of the island.

Raoul Island is the largest of the Kermadec Islands, and as a geographically active ‘hotspot.’ This area repeatedly experiences earthquakes.

Most recently Raoul Island was stricken with a series of similar scaled earthquakes, with epicenters placed from one hundred twenty-two miles southeast of Raoul Island, to only seven miles below sea level was sensed across the island.

Raoul Island lies on the Kermadec ridge, a chain of submarine volcanoes, and actually is the part of a larger volcano. It is shaped as an anvil and covered in forest. As a government meteorological radio station, as well as a nature reserve, this island is only one inhabited in the group of Kermadec islands. It is also known by its volcanic explosive nature, with recorded eruptions in 1814, 1870, 1964 and 2006.

Department of Conservation officials evacuated their staff members from the island during the latest eruption, but one person was reported dead, a 33-year-old Mark Kearney. The report of the New Zealand Department of Labour stated that the eruption was unpredictable.

By: Milica Zujko

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