Owner of Dog Shot by Hawthorne, CA Police Charged (VIDEO)

Owner of dog shot by police charged

Leon Rosby, owner of Max, a Rottweiler that was shot by Hawthorne, California police on  June 30 was charged today on charges related to the incident, and allegations of threatening a witness.

At least two videos of the incident exist, in which Rosby himself appears to be recording part of the interaction between himself and the police.

Police at the time were in the middle of a standoff with armed robbers barricaded inside a house when Rosby, who was driving by, stopped his car, got out of it with his dog, and started filming with his cellular phone. He shouted at the police officers and eventually put the dog back in the car. At that point the officers cuff Rosby, and because the windows of the car were not rolled up, Max was able to jump out. After barking at the officers, it appears the dog tried to lunge at one of them, and is seen being shot four times.

One of the videos has gone viral. WARNING: This video is age-restricted on Youtube because of the graphically violent killing of the dog.

Lt. Scott Swain of the Hawthorne Police Department has said that they have received deaths because of the incident, and also a threat of a hacking attack by the Anonymous collective. The department has gone so far as to pull three officers from their regular duties because of the threats.

Rosby has spoken out against the threats saying “stop threatening them and their families. All police officers are not bad.”

By Milton Ruiz

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  1. Fiji   August 14, 2014 at 11:30 am

    These cops must DIE, as must all racists with a gun


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