President To Expel Foreign Companies From Zimbabwe [Video]


President Robert Mugabe threatened to expel foreign based companies from Zimbabwe if the West continued to interfere with the country’s political process. The U.S. along with Britain have refused to acknowledge Mugabe’ s land slide victory in the country’s elections. Citing evidence of vote rigging, economic restrictions has been placed on Mugabe’s administration and ruling party.

Mugabe denies any wrong doing in the election process of the country and affirms he had no part in vote rigging. Mugabe believes the Western influence in not desired in Zimbabwe’s political process and threatens to take action if matters persist. “The government hasn’t done anything to your companies, time will come when we will say tit for tat,” Said Mugabe.

Mugabe stated that the westerners have been mingling in Zimbabwe affairs since the 1980s and vowed that it will be rectified. “You hit me, I hit you. We have a country to run and we must be left free to run it,” said Mugabe. Mugabe was sworn in for another five year term and expressed irritation with criticisms of election turnout results. He made his statements during a funeral of a top military chief in Harare.

President Mugabe hinted to expel foreign companies from Zimbabwe if pressure increases from Western powers against his administration. “I want to assure you our attitude will not continue to be passive,” Mugabe said. “We have had enough and enough is enough.” Mugabe won elections with 61% of the vote and allegations continue to rise concerning the legitimacy of his presidency.

Mugabe’s administration is pushing a policy of black control of companies to create jobs and economic growth in the country.

The plan forces foreign and white-owned businesses to cede 51 percent ownership to black Zimbabweans. Critics of the plan say the program will trigger another economic downturn. Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had been the chief critic in opposing the plan supported by the government.

Tsavangirai favored attracting Western investment during the five-year coalition forged by regional leaders in past discussions. Mugabe is of the opinion that such coalitions work against the common interest of blacks. The partnerships have no long term staying power when it comes to black empowerment and job creation.

Britain said of Mugabe’s re-election that without an independent investigation it could not be hailed as credible. The U.S. has made statements calling the election process flawed and threatened tighter sanctions against the regime. However, other African nations see no need for recall or other determinations in validating the Zimbabwean vote process.

President Mugabe stood firm in his comment to expel foreign companies from Zimbabwe and has threatened to not back down in the face of Western backlash regarding election turnout results. “They should not continue to harass us, the British and American,” said Mugabe to his supporters at the funeral.

By Thomas Barr

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