Sean Kingston Wraps Teen Gang Rape Lawsuit

Sean Kingston

News emerged today that Sean Kingston, aka Kisean Anderson, has wrapped up the teen gang rape lawsuit brought by 22 year-old Carissa Capeloto who claimed that the rapper had participated in a “gang rape” of her three years ago in a hotel room.

Celebrity news site TMZ reported that police dropped the case due to lack of evidence. Since the incident, the woman says that her life has been ruined.

Capeloto says that she cannot sleep and suffers from mood swings as well as panic attacks. She also admitted, that on the night, she used drugs and had ingested a minimum of seven shots of vodka before the alleged gang rape.

TMZ reported that in 2010 the, then, 19 year-old victim had been invited to the rappers room for a “meet and greet” event after a Justin Bieber concert where Kingston performed.

According to TMZ, Capeloto says that when she got to the room the rapper was on his bed naked and a bodyguard picked her up and put her on top of the rapper. Shortly after that, the bodyguard and another Kingston troupe member joined him in raping her while she was “obviously intoxicated and incapable of consent.”

Capeloto was rescued afterward by a friend and she was taken to the hospital and allegedly treated for injuries that could have been been made as the result of rape.

Although the case was dropped after it was first reported in 2010, Capeloto then pursued the matter through the civil court process asking for millions in damages.

According to sources, Sean Kingston, settled but not because he was guilty of the offense. He agreed to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties as he has an upcoming tour and a new album release that prevents him from attending a trial. His wrapping up the teen gang rape lawsuit, was only done for the sake of expediency, according to him.

Another source has said that the 23 year-old rapper settled and paid a “fraction” of the damages asked for. Originally, the amount of $5 million was requested. The same source said that Kingston feels he would have won if the case had ever gone to court. His rationale was that he was found not guilty three years ago on the same charge.

According to the source, Capeloto’s “story wasn’t consistent.” One reason could have been that the 19 year-old was very intoxicated during her sexual encounter with Kingston. The source also said, “She told various stories throughout her interviews with police. Her friend’s story wasn’t consistent with hers. The medical report had no indications of force.”

At this point Sean Kingston believes that he has wrapped up the teenage gang rape lawsuit and apparently feels that his paying of a settlement does not indicate an admission of guilt. It has been reported that the lawsuit will be formally dismissed quite quickly.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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