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Taylor Swift Reveals Her Top Five Fears

Taylor Swift Reveals Her Top Five Fears

Taylor Swift opened up for a recent Marie Claire questionnaire about her “phobias” and the list she reveals of her top five fears makes for interesting reading. The 23 year-old award winning singer has a fairly eclectic list and amazingly she’s afraid of “googling” herself!

But let us take a moment to see what this young singing superstar finds terrifying and what makes her come out in goose pimples. So without further ado, Taylor Swift’s top five fears:

1. Sea urchins:

Sea urchins or sea hedgehogs are they are sometimes known can be pretty unpleasant. They can give you a nasty sting and if you are unlucky enough to come across a Flower Urchin, you would find that they are extremely poisonous.

2. Googling myself:

Obviously we find this one a bit odd. While you or I might delight in finding out that our name could elicit information worthy of Google, Taylor is not too keen about reading anything that might pop up in the search engine.

As Taylor explains, “I don’t have thick skin. If somebody says something mean, it will hurt my feelings. Anything bad that I read about myself, I’m just like … [fakes sobbing]. No, you can’t Google yourself or your self esteem will just go like that,” she said. As her hand travelled downward as she said the self esteem part we think she means “down the toilet,” as Jimmy Durante used to say. Don’t know who Jimmy Durante is?

Google him.

While you are doing that, we’ll continue with Taylor Swift revealing her top five fears.

3. Earwigs:

This one makes loads of sense to us. Obviously Taylor saw the Rod Serling Night Gallery episode (The Caterpillar/Little Girl Lost) where a poor chap has an earwig eat its way through his brain. In the program, this was depicted as a very sweaty and painful ordeal. We are only guessing here, but we believe we’ve hit this creepy insect nail on the head.

Even if she hasn’t seen the above mentioned program, have you seen an earwig? They will make you shudder.

4. Cynics

Another fairly “odd one” here. It seems to be as eclectic as the sea urchin. We could understand if Taylor had meant,say, a critic. But a cynic? Does she mean someone who doubts her ability to entertain, a nay-sayer! We suppose that could be a little scary to someone who seems so positive. It stands to reason that a cynic would be frightening, especially if they got too close, for instance, we believe that Kanye West’s disbelief at Taylor’s music award win, may have prompted this particular fear…

5. Getting arrested

This one has been on Taylor’s list for awhile. She admitted this fear after Justin Bieber got her on Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d, and she believed that she was getting arrested. The lovely girl said, “You know I had serious nightmares where I’d wake up in the middle of the night for, like, three weeks after that? I really thought that was it for me. I was thinking, ‘Justin is 17, so he’s going to juvie, but I’m going to big-girl prison.”

Of course that was a few years ago, but it must have been pretty traumatic for the singer! And Bieber’s not in jail yet.

So there you have it, Taylor Swift’s reveal of her top five fears of all time. A list that is as revealing as it is puzzling. We can only shake our heads and wonder where on earth the sea urchin thing came from.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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