The Good and Bad About Caffeine and What It Can Do to You

When some are in the need to recover from a long night of sleep- in order to start their day, they do it either with a nice cold shower or a long run in the morning. But, you may say others just need that warm cup of coffee placed in their hands surrounded by it’s intoxicated enchanting aroma named, CAFFEINE.

Caffeine- a reviver drug to some and not a necessary cup holder to others.

But how can something be labeled a drug when it’s legal I ask?

It seems as if the world is divided into tea lovers and coffee lovers. But studies have shown by higher population in use, that the world leans to the right.

Caffeine does not only work in a effective way to make those sleepy eyes wider, but also is themed as a fancy beverage to many.

Caffeine is used as a booster at any time of the day!

Studies have also shown caffeine is a healthy way to go forward through life and it is also good for us. But with measure of course along with other red-light-daily warnings of our existence as it can become a sensitive matter ‘risk of health’ to many consumers.

If you extend your refills more than 5 cups a day, then you are in risk of negative affects such as: insomnia, nervousness, fast heartbeat, headaches, discomfort stomach pain and the list goes on… It can also cause depression if you become addictive. So keep that number shorter and you will be okay.

Caffeine also pulls up the on switch in our brain by activating our memory cells and improving our mental functioning.

It is found in many types of food and beverages, other than coffee. Just check the side or bottom of the item you purchased for further notice and information.

And last, Caffeine can be a healer to the human body as to prevent skin cancer that has been discovered in a recent study and to help cataracts.

In the end, your body can be the only judge in terms to what Caffeine does for you. For every human being every story is different and every health matter differs.

Just be in control what you put in your body and the amount of it.

If we play well by life’s rules and follow one by one it’s exact instructions by staying on the same page, then we can all live a long and healthy life when those instructions are read either by having good eating choices, plenty exercise or help from our wake-up buddy, sir Caffeine.

Written By: Vicki Nancy K

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