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If you’re in love with recording TV shows for future viewing, or even if you want to record more than a couple shows at a time. Tivo has great new units called Tivo Roamio. They’re the newest models and have many features that their previous model Premiere didn’t have. If you are looking for a remote that forms to your hand Tivo is the one for you. One example of positive change is that the TiVo Roamio lets you record more at once.

We all like to watch shows the day they air, but there’s those moments when we are at work or elsewhere and can’t do that. Well, more and more, the DVR/PVR has become common place in many homes. Either with Cable, DirecTV or DISH Network or even many PC’s may have the capabilities to record shows at a set time.

We are quickly moving in the direction where you don’t need an additional device to watch shows and movies such as in Netflix or Amazon, Tivo is creating what you want. No need for a Roku to get Amazon Instant Video. There are great points to these devices, but as with many technologies comes features they didn’t think of that someone else did.

With Tivo Premiere for digital cable and HD antenna – it comes with the capability to get over the air channels, but you are limited to two shows being recorded at the same time due to the dual tuners inside. However, with the new Roamio, you get the power of four. Yes, four shows at once, and up to 75 hours of HD recording. No more missing shows on your local channels when another good show is on at the same time. Again, it can be used with your cable device.

With Premiere 4, there are no over the air channels, however, it can record up to four shows at once with digital cable giving you only the 75 hours of HD recording. But here comes the Roamio Plus giving you the power to record six shows at once and 150 hours of HD recording.

With the Premiere XL4, you have four tuners for four shows at once and up to 300 hours of HD recording with an added feature of a backlit remote and THX certified sound and video. With the Roamio Pro, you get six shows at once and 450 hours of recording time.

With the Premiere models, you have to get a Tivo wireless adapter or a network cable, or you can get a wireless device that connects to the network port on the back that works as if you have a cable running from your router to the back of your Tivo. With the new model Roamio, it has wireless built right into the box.

If you wanted to watch a show on your Tivo, but on a mobile device, you would need the Tivo Stream with the older models as well as the standard Roamio, but with Plus and Pro it’s built right in so no need for additional equipment.

Unfortunately, with Tivo there is a monthly subscription fee unless you pay the full amount for life which follows the Tivo wherever it goes. Prices for the new Roamio’s start at $199.99 standard, then go to $399.99 for Plus, and finally, $599.99 for Pro. In addition, they still have Internet services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and have music choices such as Spotify and Pandora, as well as many other services.

Recording more has just got easier. No more missing one show because another is on at the same time. Tivo has just up their game for over the air, and cable with the Roamio, allowing you to record more at once. Will satellite be next?

By Forrest L. Rawls

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