Tom Guiry Headbutts Cop Gets Arrested

Tom Guiry Arrested after Head Butting Cop

In keeping with this year’s theme of child stars gone bad (a la Amanda Bynes) The Sandlot actor Tom Guiry is in a bit of trouble after he headbutted a cop and that was, apparently, after he’d gotten arrested.

Apparently, United Airlines staff at Houston Intercontinental Airport rang the Houston police because a passenger was too intoxicated to board his flight. The passenger turned out to be Guiry who then got into a drunken scrabble with the Texas police who were trying to help him.

The Sandlot actor is now facing felony charges after he first made threats against a law enforcement official and then followed that up with assaulting him. All this happened while the police were trying to help him.

Houston police spokesman Victor Senties said that Guiry was given the chance to to sober up in the city drunk tank. A move that would have resulted in no charges against him, no harm no foul. But the actors response was to lash out rather than take the offer.

Senties said, “At that point, [Guiry] gets agitated and makes repeated threats against the sergeant.” The police spokesman then relayed that the actor allegedly attempted to headbutt the cop after being told that he would be arrested for public intoxication if he didn’t play along.

Senties did say that the cop was alright, “He’s fine but he did suffer a laceration to the head.” But despite the Houston police officer being alright, the fact that Tom Guiry headbutted the cop and got arrested is pretty serious business.

Guiry has been booked on a felony assault charge for causing bodily injury to a public servant. He has been freed on $5000 bail and he has been ordered to appear in court on Sept. 17.

Tom Guiry played Scotty Smalls in the film Sandlot (called The Sandlot Kids in the UK) and he has been working steadily since then. This altercation with the Houston police came a month after the Sandlot reunion for the film’s 20th anniversary. The reunion took place in Utah where the movie was shot. Guiry wasn’t able to make the reunion.

The 31 year-old actor isn’t the only alumni from the film who has been in trouble with the long blue arm of the law. In 2009, Marty York, who played Yeah-Yeah in the film, was arrested in Los Angeles for felony corporal injury after punching his girlfriend in the eye.

Like Amanda Bynes, Guiry is also another child star who has been in the news for the wrong reasons. While this is a blip on his otherwise clean record, getting charged with a felony assault is a pretty big one.

In terms of his career, the last thing that Guiry worked on was the American television series Elementary. The show is a crime drama that has Johnny Lee Miller as a modern day Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as his partner Dr. Joan Watson. The actor played Brent Garvey in one episode of the CBS show.

There has been no information from Tom Guiry’s rep or spokesperson about the incident at the airpost where he allegedly headbutted a police officer and got arrested.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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