Top Five Cell Phones for Kids

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School season is rapidly approaching, and as parents are looking to fill backpacks with supplies, we come across yet another review. Many parents are turning to their providers to add a line for their kids. The growth and spread of cell phones for children has increased by over 200 percent in some states across the country. Divorced parents want to stay connected with their children, and many parents factor in safety. With questions of danger lurking, parents want constant contact with their children. Many schools do allow the presence of cell phones but ask students to keep them on vibrate during class. While the issue alone can cause controversy, this article is not intended for that reason. Specifically, it is aimed for parents who want a reliable, durable and safety-enhanced option. While there are many great phones for children, here are five reviewed top choices.

1. Verizon- LG Migo

LG Migo
LG Migo

This is an excellent choice for parents with small children, think along kindergarten and up. Migo has only four buttons for the parent to program. Mom and dad can program in their number, maybe the grandparents and aunts and uncles. There is a dedicated red emergency button for the child to press to lead immediately to 9-1-1. This is a no fuss, simple phone. There is no voicemail on the phone, no texting abilities and no web browser. It is a  dedicated phone for small children and becoming a favorite for working parents to buy this school season.




2. Kajeet



This option is joining the top five list because the manufacturer is aiming to focus on what matters for parents. That is safety. Kajeet is aimed  for pre-teens and teenagers. With fun and funky colors, such as the Samsung Reclaim, Kajeet draws in creativity and parameters. Parents hold the power of command, they can use the TimeManager tool to turn off calling and texting ability during certain times. Need to check on your wandering student? Flip on the GPS finder and the little one can easily be found, including location information. The device can turn off certain websites, but keep in mind, if a teen knows how to connect to WiFi- the filtering tool will not apply.




3. FireFly Mobile-glowPhone

Top Five Cell Phones For Kids

An additional option for older kids would be the Firefly glowPhone. Typically, age 8 and above will enjoy the simple way of access. This phone provides fun tools like games and cool ringtones to choose from. Mom and dad can program all 50 numbers and prevent additional numbers from being added with a password. This allows growing freedom for a little one, while maintaining final authority. The phone is not equipped for texting or web access.



4. Just 5

Just 5 choices
Just 5 choices

Yes, Just 5 is listed at number 4. This phone has super large buttons for kids around 10 and up. The phone comes in many color variations and can be used for texting. No web access is available on the phone and it is a funky, fun way to connect with children on the go.  Parents can program numbers and there is a dedicated emergency button. From pink, methol, lime and gray, the kids can have fun selecting the color with safety in mind.



5. Prepaid phones

Top Five Cell Phones For Kids
Prepaid like Tracfone

Every provider has a prepaid section, and there are choices like Tracfone for teenagers. These phones can access the web with enough funds on the account or connect to WiFi if a smartphone is selected. Prepaid phones are a nice option due to costs. Providers offer unlimited texting plans with some talk minutes for as low as $25 monthly. Preferably for smaller children- the above listed phones are a better selection than a prepaid phone. Prepaid phones may offer tools like purchase blockers to avoid downloads. The biggest feature is the cost savings ability.




School season is closing in and parents are looking for the best phone options for their kids. Be sure to verify the phone selected has the tools provided to benefit the kids and honors the level of safety demanded. The top five selected cell phones for kids were reviewed with safety, features and cost in mind. It saves the homework and headache of scouring the web.

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