Twenty One Pilots Premier at Lollapalooza and Hope Their Moms Don’t Watch

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Known as twenty | one | pilots, the group is from this writer’s home state- Ohio! The group is relatively new and already making a splash as they are set to take the Lollapalooza stage. The pop, indie rock band are known for their stellar music and their daredevil stunts. Something they hope their moms don’t watch.

High school buds Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun started the group in 2009 and began touring around the Buckeye State. Their energy and grassroots method drew in the crowds. The group infuses rap, high tech and pop all in one. Their album ‘Vessel’ reached 58 on the BillBoard 200 and has reached the top 10 of the Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums. The boys of OH-IO have created a spell for fans because of their unique brand of rocking out to homemade tunes. In addition, they love pulling out back-flips and other crowd involved stunts to spur the energy of their fans.

The boy wonders sat down with ‘MTV’ to discuss their music, stunts and mom’s response. Tyler stated his mom will drop him a text message stating “you seriously need to stop that!” Tyler and Josh mentioned they never trained professionally for the stunts or music. Josh stated he always aimed to “take it upon himself” to learn what he wanted. He’s all about the stunts. Tyler chimed in and stated he would spot his friend during stunt practices, but they don’t firmly train for the tricks that drives the crowds wild.

Tyler reflects on attacking musical items he wanted to conquer and what lead the group to become a musical impact, “I looked at the piano and realized that music was a way of being able to say something; the phrase I always use is that ‘music is a vessel’ and that’s where the album title comes from.” Before long Tyler was writing and recording his own demos in his basement and twenty | one | pilots was born.

Twenty | one| pilots received their big break in 2012 when they performed to a sold out crowd at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio.  During the concert, the magnificent duel decided to sign with Fueled By Ramen Records, which is also a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. The same company who also has popular band Fall Out Boy signed. The two groups are due to tour together later this year.

The two pondered for a long time to determine if they wanted to sign with a label. They reflected on the bad after taste effect from musicians who later scorned their labels due to mismanagement. Tyler sat down with Columbus Alive and explained the group’s decision to sign:

Does this make sense for what Twenty One Pilots is becoming, to be involved with a label?” And at the end of the day, you’re going to have people who hate on your decision. But do you want Josh working at Starbucks for the rest of his life? Do you want me to be working at a church for the rest of my life?

We want to be able to do this for the rest of our lives, and in order to do that, sometimes you have to involve entities that are bigger than yourself. The last thing we want to communicate is that we’re copping out, but it’s a huge opportunity for us.

So, you know, we had all these different labels. After talking, we went with a label that’s called Fueled By Ramen that is associated with Atlantic Records. There are a lot of people who, they know the big-name label companies, and when you say Fueled By Ramen you don’t really associate that with a major label. But they are responsible for Paramore, Panic at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, Fun., Fall Out Boy.

Now, twenty | one | pilots is headlining Lollapalooza and only gathering more fans along the way. The group is a presence, something Tyler winces about when it comes to his mom as he jokes, “She figured out the Internet. Which everything since then has been downhill. When your mom figures out the Internet, you’re screwed.” He further shares,  “She doesn’t appreciate it,” he said. “She’ll send me a text like, ‘you seriously need to stop doing that.’ And I’m like, ‘whatever mom! The band’s gonna make it! I dropped out of college for a reason!” Indeed  twenty | one | pilots has made it.

Angelina Bouc

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