Unbelieber-ble – Bieber is the Beast?

Unbelieber-ble - Bieber is the Beast?

It’s seems you can’t listen to today’s news without encountering another Bieber-related PR catastrophe. At a Newark concert in New Jersey, this week, fans began hurling items towards the pop star. However, when a cell phone was tossed up on stage, all sense of decorum was thrown asunder, as Justin found ample space in his trousers, in which to house the device.

“I mean I do need a new iPhone.” he exclaimed, before shoving it into his underwear.

One could posit two potential reasons, explicating the troubled Canadian’s ill-considered antics and undesirable etiquette. Many jump to the conclusion that Justin Bieber is simply a spoilt, over-indulged, over-paid brat. And, in accordance with the principles of Occam’s Razor, this certainly isn’t out of the realms of all possibility. However, submitting an alternative supposition, maybe the star is simply a puppet, whose strings are being pulled behind the scenes. Is it possible that Justin Bieber represents a blank canvas, on which controversial images are doodled to generate morbid intrigue? Or, maybe, he’s smarter than people realize, and these are his deliberate attempts to court the press.

Music critics were eager to universally pan Bieber’s live performance in Jersey, brandishing the show as “bored”, “sluggish” and “lazy”; adding to the damning list of rebukes, many suggested Bieber had lip-synced large sections of the show. Mesfin Fekadu, representing the Associated Press lambasted the singer:

“He seemed to be lip-syncing and his sluggish, lazy dancing didn’t match the oomph of the beats… Bieber phoned in a good amount during his show, at some moments, he even seemed bored.” Fekadu’s appraisal continued. “When performing the hit Beauty and a Beat, he couldn’t keep up with the background dancers… he was lip-syncing again… During She Don’t Like the Lights, Bieber barely moved to the track’s futuristic beat…”

Local newspaper reporter, Chris Jordan, focused on Bieber’s flailing vocal attempts:

“As for Bieber the performer, well, there’s not a whole lot to believe in. His voice is thin and reedy… Unfortunately, his dancing isn’t any better than his singing. His turns are loose and his body control is sloppy. He seemed divided as to whether he should join his team of dancers full force or just let them do most of the work.”

When a singer’s musical performance is called into question, what is there left? Perhaps, public notoriety and a revered reputation? Let’s face it, Justin Bieber hits the headlines like clockwork, consistently engaging in rude behavior, pulling childish stunts and splurging asinine nonsense. Playing devil’s advocate, what industry standing would Justin’s career possess, without the media attention that focuses upon him? It would have improved his reputation within certain circles, no doubt, but perhaps Justin’s appeal lies in his “bad boy” status, at least to some. And, just maybe, articles (like this one, admittedly) are unintentionally stoking the fires of his success.

None-the-less, Bieber finds himself in an awfully precarious position, with his career teetering over a tipping point. Although his fame and wealth persevere, public opinion of the boy is certainly starting to take a turn for the worse. Disrespecting fans by arriving to concerts late, making obscene gestures to paparazzi, clocking in lackluster performances, engaging in reckless driving, befriending monkeys, brawling with photographers and spitting on members of his loyal fan base does little to improve matters.

Written By: James Fenner

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  1. Jamal   August 3, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    He has a complicated status in celebrity. Many girls love & adore him, some to the point of obsession. And then there are those who are obsessed with dissing him. I would imagine it’s hard to sustain good relationships in his position, as most sensible people wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Maybe that’s why he started hanging with the wrong crowd?


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