United Nations Team “Shot at by Snipers” [Video]

War Torn Syria Buildings

According to a United Nations spokesperson, a group of UN inspectors were recently fired upon by snipers. The team’s lead vehicle was deliberately shot at on multiple occasions, as they were driving through the city where hundreds of innocent Syrians were believed to have been targeted by chemical weapons.

The investigation team, who are based in Damascus, are not believed to have sustained any deaths or injuries during the attack; the team members were wearing protective armor, and seemed prepared for such an eventuality.

The incident follows the Syrian leader’s flat denial over the use of chemical or biological weapons against his own divided population. Bashar Al Assad, and his administration, claims that investigation of the Ein Tarma and Zamalka districts, where the chemical attacks were alleged to have taken place, would reveal nothing.

In stark contrast, Assad’s opponents argue 1,300 Syrian people were killed following the unlawful use of chemical weapons. This stance seems to have been partially corroborated by the humanitarian group, Doctors Without Borders, who have observed an influx of patients suffering from neurotoxic symptoms.

As the UN vehicle could not be serviced, it was returned to a government check-point. They are due to recommence their investigations, once a new vehicle has been supplied.

By: James Fenner

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