Usher Son in Intensive Care Unit While Ex Sues For Custody

Usher Son in ICU while Ex Sues for Cutody

The day after Usher’s 5 year-old son had a horrific accident in the singer’s pool, his ex-wife Tameka Raymond has decided to sue for custody of their two children. Meanwhile, Usher Raymond V is in an intensive care unit in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital.

Police said on Tuesday that the young son of the 34 year-old singer/songwriter and actor was pulled out of a swimming pool after the child had gotten his hand stuck in the pool drain. His aunt, who was watching after him during Usher’s absence, and a housekeeper noticed that the boy was stuck in the pool.

Rena Oden, the aunt, rang 9-1-1 and told the emergency dispatcher, “I need an ambulance. My nephew was in the pool, and I couldn’t get him, I tried to get him. The 9-1-1 recording was released publicly by the police on Tuesday. The two women couldn’t pull Usher’s son from the pool, but two men who were putting sound equipment in the house came to their aid and got the 5 year-old out of the pool and began to resuscitate him.

Oden informed that 9-1-1 operator that the two men were trying to bring the youngster around. She said, “They’re doing CPR on him now. Is he coming around? He’s breathing!” It was the quick thinking of sound technician Eugene Stachurski that saved the child from dying after getting his arm stuck in the powerful pool drain. He also used CPR to bring Usher V back from the brink of death, according to the police report.

The 9-1-1 operator was informed when the ambulance and the paramedics arrived, who took over from the two sound men, five minutes into the call. Usher’s son was, “conscious, alert and breathing” when he was transported to the hospital.

He has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as a precautionary measure since he was admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, while he’s been there, his mother has is taking measures to sue for both the couples children to be placed in her custody as she thinks that Usher isn’t up to the job.

Usher had won the primary custody of his two sons with ex-wife Tameka Foster in 2012 after a very bitter court fight. Tameka has charged that Usher is now being an absentee father since he was awarded custody.

Speaking to CNN Tuesday, Foster said, “My son is OK, but I have no further comment at this time.” When she was asked about the report that she sued for custody of the two children, she replied, “I have no comment.”

Bizarrely, Usher’s former stepson, who was Tameka’s son from another relationship, died in a boating type accident at a Georgia lake in 2012. In the motion filed by Foster, she blames Usher for the near death horrific pool accident of their son.

TMZ reports that the documents show that Usher’s ex wife maintains that their 5 year-old son was left unsupervised in the swimming pool when his arm got caught in the drain. She also claims that the singer had delegated his supervisory responsibilities to his aunt and that Dena isn’t up to the job.

Tameka, is asking for temporary primary custody of their two children and she says that it is typical of Usher that he is palming off his responsibility to others as he is out of town “85 percent” of the time every month.

She also claims that Usher has fired every caregiver who were on hand when he was won primary custody of the children. The documents also show that Foster wants decision-making power over the two children’s education, health care, religion and other activities.

Usher will no doubt be happy that his son survived his bizarre accident at the family swimming pool, even though the youngster is still in ICU. But it looks like while one son is recovering in hospital Usher will have another custody battle on his hands now that his ex has sued for custody.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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