Whatsapp for PC? Really?

9344676230_a8d9af9016The popular and new app that has practically replaced SMS for texting, Whatsapp, doesn’t require a warrant for introduction. After reaching monthly user coverage of about 300 million, this is one of the top ten apps in the android market and it’s free of annoying ads as well. Almost every user knows that unlike line and viber, which are similar messaging services, Whatsapp uses phone number verification for an account to get you registered on its servers.

This method requires a phone number, and since the app has no version for a computer, one would need a bluestacks android emulator and download the android version of Whatsapp through bluestacks and then register with a mobile number that has to be present with the person to enter the six-digit-verification-code. This gave rise to a new scam in Spain via Facebook ads that say they have an app that lets people use Whatsapp for PC, although it is clear that no such app exists.

Similarly, there are many pages pertaining to the same topic with the end result being that users are charged money, while no app is provided. Whatsapp para Ordenador software requires the person to enter the phone number and reply to a premium sms that charges 1.5 euros for activation and a further cost 1.45 euros for each message received. That is a lot of money considering that one can download the software totally free from the website.

There are a number of cases where people paid a lot of money for software that is free. It appears that Facebook does not take action against such ads unless there is a complaint lodged personally.

Looks like someone needs to upgrade their ad blocking algorithms.


Written by: Enozia Vakil

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  1. Dinesh   August 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Nice Article Bobby Vakil !!!!!!!


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