Zimbabwe Official Electoral Results Show a Two-thirds Landslide Win

Official Electoral results show a two-thirds landslide win

Zimbabwe – It is official, President Robert Mugabe has won almost two-thirds majority in the recent election and now has the power to amend the country’s constitution. The electoral commission have declared that the ZANU-PF have won 142 seats in the 210 member chamber.

The official result is a devastating blow to Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Tsvangirai was confident of a resounding win in this election, but now faces another tough obstacle, as the conquering of Mugabe has become a curse for the opposition party.

Tsvangirai could face political annihilation in this latest attempt to oust Mugabe, and he has already declared the election as a gigantic farce and rigged with irregularities and intimidation.

The victory for the Zanu-PF party will eventually be slammed by countries who consider him a ruthless leader. Mugabe is often referred to as an evil person, who rules the Zimbabwean people with military might. The country is damaged and severely impoverished by his dictatorship. Western countries believe this outcome could provoke hostility among the people of that country and on the continent.

Tsvangirai, obviously annoyed and agitated by the continued regretful action of Mugabe, will no doubt continue the opposing struggle to gain recognition and keep the country free.

The meeting at the headquarters of the MDC’s top leaders in the capital city Harare today, will reveal their planned action on how they will deal with the election results; and all legal routes will no doubt be considered. The possibility of mass protests and demonstrations is among the options they might consider for their failing MDC party.

Disappointed people voiced their disbelief at the results and remain convinced that this election was rigged and intimated by the army members of ZANU-PF.

Mugabe certainly has raised a country harboring hatred and remorse at his governance.

People call this election disgusting and remember intimidating events throughout the election process. The voter’s record is described as being unavailable and could not be identified by electoral staff. People were turned away and were not allowed to cast their vote. This was apparent in the metropolitan cities where Tsvangirai has a sizeable following.

The ruthless tactics of Mugabe continue to exist, as the world once again stands at a distance while millions of people live in the most appalling conditions. Food and basic human requirements are not found in that country. Medical and health facilitates are almost nonexistent. People continue to move away from the country to bordering states seeking a better quality of life.

Mugabe, an extraordinary person who will challenge every legitimate voting system in the world, may have once again displayed a cunning underhanded approach to maintaining power. There is no intention to end what many call his insane dictatorship. It appears that the world will watch the sad destruction of a country marred by the practice of intimidation.

A member of the AU election observer team, the former Nigerian military leader and civilian president Olusegun Obasanjo, called the election free and fair, after commenting that minor incidents had occurred during the voting. We can recall the violence and fraud during the recent Nigerian elections and consider the sincerity of such a statement.

South African president Jacob Zuma, a strong supporter of Robert Mugabe and his dictatorship rule, concluded the election to be orderly and fair. The devious words from yet another corrupt leader. Mugabe has undoubtedly made his mark on the African continent.

Britain, who remains a strong critic of Zimbabwe, echoed its concern over the electoral reforms and the large number of voters who had been turned away. The US government, who has sanctions placed against the Mugabe regime, commented that a peaceful election does not guarantee a free and fair outcome.

Morgan Tsvangirai is remaining steadfast in his statement that the election was rigged. This is a bitter shock at such a critical time for this poor country. Manipulation, greed and destruction continue as the cry from Zimbabwe citizens asking the world to take action against the humanitarian disasters happening in their country is spead abroad.

Written by Laura Oneale


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    What’s nxt for zim pole,hw a we going to survive fo the next 5years


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