107 Year Old Man Shot and Killed After Standoff with Police

107 Year Old Man Shot and Killed After Standoff with Police

In a tragic turn of events Saturday in Arkansas, a 107 year old man was shot and killed after he staged a standoff with police at his home. According to Huffington Post, the SWAT team was called in when 107 year old Monroe Isadore barricaded himself in a room is his home and fired shot toward police through the door. The SWAT team had originally been sent to the home on a domestic violence call because Isadore had been threatening other people in the house with his gun and had pointed it at several of them.

Before police fired shots, they took numerous steps to try to extricate Isadore from the room. First, they inserted a camera into the home which was able to detect that Isadore was in possession of a handgun. While they were doing this, they engaged in a lengthy negotiation with the man. After determining that Isadore was armed, they filled the room in which he was hiding with gas. This prompted Isadore to fire two shots through the door, which both missed police on the other side.

At that point, SWAT team officers broke down the door, and as they did so, Isadore fired off several more rounds. SWAT team members then fired back, and Isadore was killed. Two other people who had been in the house with Isadore were led to safety. There is an unconfirmed possibility that Isadore assaulted one or both of them directly before the incident.

Some on social media were outraged by the actions of the SWAT team, citing the fact that Isadore was 107 years old and that a lighter touch could have been used in first responding to the incident. One commenter underneath an article on the incident stated: “It’s worrisome that an entire professional SWAT team with latest equipment and gadgetry cannot subdue a 107 old with a handgun. Couldn’t they wait, say, for him to take his afternoon nap or something? Seriously, nobody else’s life was in danger, the worst he could do, is well, kill himself. I don’t understand the rushing in mentality in such situations. Even our professionals must be getting their tactics from clichéd Hollywood movies and not any sort of common sense or strategic planning.”

This sentiment was echoed by many commenters, who cite Isadore’s age as a factor that should have been taken into account with more concern before rushing into the bedroom. Isadore was part of a very small minority; just over 2,000 Americans total were over the age of 104 in a 2010 census reports.

But still other commenters pointed out that perhaps Isadore had an ulterior motive in staging the entire event: “The guy wanted to die. He didn’t shoot the two others that he assaulted, and he was old enough to know what happens if you shoot through the door at cops.” There were some social media comments that indicated that Isadore’s age should be unrelated when it comes to shooting at police.

A full investigation into the death of Monroe Isadore, 107 of Arkansas, is underway by police.

By: Steve Johnson

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  1. Mst   February 17, 2014 at 9:47 am

    Ppl are so stupid, he had a gun, was waving at other ppl and fired shots, but they should have waited for him
    To take a nap !!! Idiots , when did age give you reason to do that crap 207,107, 12?? When your old enuff to know better and you do dumb things like that it’s the police right to take you out , that’s their job, to protect , not feed that man puréed food and change his depends


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