1D Fans Going in One Direction, Crazy

One Direction fans engage in a continuous struggle to defeat all haters in tweet wars.

one direction fans are crazy

I’ll have to admit, I know very little about the band One Direction. I’m not a fan of the musical genre they’ve made their niche in, so I tend to leave that part of our culture out of my “need to know” spectrum. I hold nothing against them as a group, or celebrities, or people or what have you. I don’t hate their music, I don’t think they’re a vapid boy band, and I certainly will not dirty their name by coming up with a shallow opinion of them to make headlines. Mostly because I really don’t need anyone in my family threatened by a crazed teenage enthusiast.  The One Direction fans, or “Directioners” as the army of hormones prefers, are going completely crazy to defend any wrong word said about their boys. 

Lashes on Twitter have been thrown back and forth between One Direction fans and anyone with a less than school-girlish giddy opinion of the band. Boy George, an “80’s has been” dubbed by Directioners, got to partake in a small tweet war with fans after saying he has little regard for the band. He admitted saying a few things that might have crossed a few lines, but was in a fit of laughter over the whole debacle. Boy George later went on to tell the Daily Star, “The odds are one of One Direction must be gay.” Which, if you think about it realistically, in a completely unbiased point of view, he makes a pretty good point. He touches on how everyone is has a bit of bisexuality inside, no matter how deep its buried.  In today’s society, would it even matter if one or even all of them came out as being gay or bisexual?

Not only are Directioner outsiders touching on the groups sexuality, One Direction’s fan base is split almost down the middle with their own sexual conspiracy theories. There are a number of fans unwilling to budge on the straight image the boys have been upholding and feel that all female relations the boys have are in fact tried and true. Others believe there is an in-band romance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson if not more members. No matter what side of the argument a fan finds themselves on, they will stick to that theory like its one of the boys themselves.

Directioners and Beleibers, Justin Beiber’s very own hormone army, have been in constant conflict since the hashtag #hitdirectionerswithashovelday first made its way to Twitter. Directioners say the immediate hit was for no reason at all. Beliebers also bullied their boys by bringing up Harry’s acne after they beat out Justin at the TCA’s. I wonder how Beliebers will handle 1D’s 3D cinematic debut over the weekend, has another battle broke out in the underworlds of Twitter? Most tweets are Directioners “urging” Beliebers to see This is Us, and maybe they’ll STFU and stop hating. I guess, that’s one step down from the crazy train, right?

Twitter makes socializing ridiculously easy, especially with people you don’t, nor ever will know. It is very easy for someone to depersonalize themselves and become engulfed in rapid fire debates when you have 140 characters or less to get to your point. With that being an acceptable means of communications, I don’t think much more could be expected. Fans who feel so compelled and wrapped up in a band to let their opinions be heard will always sound crazy in any direction they go.  With that said, 1D fans seem to be going in only one direction, crazy.


By: Jodi Phillips


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