9/11 Renaissance: People Showing Love, Tolerance and Respect

9/11 Renaissance: People Showing Love, Tolerance and Respect
When I saw the first shot of the bikers flowing peacefully into Washington, D.C, my first reaction was elation. It was so obvious to me this was a show of true patriotism on 9/11

I did not see this as a huge display of respect for those who died on this day 13 years ago. Why didn’t they go to New York then, where all major shows of condolences for this tragic event have occurred so far?

The media will limit the motivation of these bikers to that – a sign of respect for 911. Well, if you believe a picture says a thousand words, then the message this image communicates is: we do not agree with the government and the destructive acts they are doing.

I’m not in favor of violence or destroying the government. Lord knows, that never worked. In fact, things always get worse. But I believe this is a unique time in history where, partly through the powerful lines of communication we have to make people aware of, not only what is truly going on, but to put in it’s place, again through communication, a new renaissance of real living with people showing love, tolerance and respect for each other.

Written By: Lucille Femine

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