Agenda 21 Revealed – You Need to Know This

Agenda 21 Revealed - You Need to Know This

Agenda 21 Revealed - You Need to Know ThisAgenda 21 is a major tool of the New World order, conceived in 1992 in Rio DeJaniero at the “Earth Summit.” Its original name, “Sustainable Development”, began in 1987 with Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party.  Heavily promoted to the public as the salvation for this planet and every human being, it is anything but that. It needs to be revealed in no uncertain terms so you know what it truly is.

By putting this data out here, I might be labeled a prominent member of the lunatic fringe but I believe we have an ethical obligation to present truth, as we see it. If I’m wrong – well, I’ll be embarrassed but then I’ll be relieved because maybe this insanity won’t happen after all.

However, there is growing evidence this rotten egg called Agenda 21 has been hatching for quite some time, under our very noses. And it stinks.

At that momentous meeting, 178 nations signed the document; President Bush signed for the U.S. Later President Clinton signed an executive order, basically demanding compliance from every state and community with the goals and plans of Agenda 21 which is fast coming about as official policy in every town, city and state

Compassionate-sounding terms like “Population Stabilization” and “Sustainable Development” are simply masks for the true purpose of this United Nations plan – a world domination of your life and liberty, basically an insidious plot to control any and all parts of existence.

According to its authors, sustainability focuses on three things: “global land use, global education and global population control and reduction”. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? However, in actual practice, these concepts pan out far below their lofty rhetoric.

The true objectives of Agenda 21, revealed, include an end to national sovereignty; restructure of the family unit which means basically the state will take care of your children, with a keen eye toward indoctrinating them into state control over family allegiance; abolition of private property with citizens crammed into “stack and pack”, hi-rise apartment buildings, close to railroad tracks while cars will not be allowed.

Santa Cruz has already been granted 300 million federal dollars to build these apartment buildings. In exchange for their willingness to participate in these sustainable acts, they are given immunity to construction-defect liability.

In Washington, one of these hi-risers is a nine story building with no elevators, where tenants share a bath and kitchen with seven other tenants.

Santa Cruz has been the test case for putting Agenda 21 on the whole map. Speaking of maps, there is a very startling one which shows the aim of the Wildlands Project, part of Agenda 21 – how fifty percent of the country, under this new system, will be off-limits to humans, while most of the rest of the land will be highly controlled. There are little black spots on the map which show the locations of all the high-risers which will be built.

Agenda 21’s logo centers around three symbols which represent “Es”. The first one is Equity which uses law to change justice from social to equal. The idea of the “Precautionary Principle” means one is not allowed to harm anything, even small animals and even on one’s own property.

The second one is Economy which will replace free enterprise with public/private partnerships. In other words, as Hitler called it, Fascism.

The third is Environmental which basically puts nature above man.

The main focus of Agenda 21 is to take control of the land because once they do that, they can control any human activity.

Then there’s Global Citizenship Education Program, evidenced in the “No Child Left Behind” program. Our children will be educated into collectivism.

The third is control over and great reduction of population; whoever is left will be congregated in those crowded communities of hi-risers.

These globalists present the notion that the world population should not be more than 500 million. That means 93% of the existing population would have to be eliminated. How do you suppose they intend to accomplish that? Or have been accomplishing it?

The Democratic and Republican parties are both in favor of World Government. The strategy is to go from global to local, infusing every state and community with their programs. These are done with help of ICLEI, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Many in this group have been insinuating themselves into local governments to implement Agenda 21 policies and directives, all to the detriment of that city or community. As of 2011, they have moved into several cities in almost every state in the Union.

Harvey Ruvin, vice-chairman of ICLEI once said, “Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.” That is eerily, historically familiar.

The good news is they are being fought hard – on that same local level. In Alabama last year, the governor banned any and all sustainability projects of the UN from being enforced in the state. It’s a law, Senate Bill 477, passed unanimously.

“It seems that Agenda 21 does actually bring people together in communities — just not in the way the U.N. had hoped for,” said Justice Gilpin-Green about this win in Alabama. Further, he said,  “It was citizen awareness and direct action that finally brought about the needed changes last week and that same awareness and action will be needed for the future of every other state.”

In New Hampshire, work is being none on a similar measure.

In Arizona, 2012, the bill prohibiting any UN sustainability passed in the Senate and looks like it’s a go in the House.

This is the only way to beat them, as individuals, members of a community, city or state; do everything possible to ban Agenda 21 from an area.

This is how Alabama did it because the governor, who was not willing to give up federal funding, was finally won over by a grassroots protest.

That’s the carrot they dangle – federal funding. It’s no better than welfare and much more deadly to our freedom because it’s only meant to control and suppress on a grander scale than has ever existed before.

Agenda 21 must be revealed to everyone. Do what you can.

Written by Lucille Femine

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53 thoughts on “Agenda 21 Revealed – You Need to Know This

  1. Yes I think this global coronavirus now is a big step in enforcing their big evil plan to cull most of humanity.

  2. Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have found out so far. However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

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  9. The Earth GODS are restless, rich and have nothing better to do but give our homes to a desert tortoise. BLM is a good example of a govt agency that already acts with 0 respect for ones private property. But respect public lands anal retentively or else. And whenever 1 person runs over a tumbleweed everybody gets punished for it.

    Think about this how anal retentive this is. Even animals aren’t safe. Hoofed animals destroy the fragile habitats and watersheds with their hoofs. so they control the population of wild horses and burros and point guns at ranchers and their grandchildren for letting his cattle graze on public lands. But ohv recreation doesn’t harm more than GODS Creatures.

    BLM is part of Agenda 21 in the most nefarious way. They are already slaughtering private herds of cattle. We will all be forced to be vegetarians. As a healthy lifestyle change. I don’t want to be anorexic looking like vegetarians are.

  10. The term New World Order was first coined by Daddy Bush, he talked non-stop about how great the NWO would be during his presidency. They are desperate now because people are waking up to their antics. yeah!!

  11. I have just taken cognizance of Agenda 21. Frankly, I have not understood well perhaps the gravity of the situation.
    Here, in this lost part of the world, which is the Indian Ocean, we do not really know what to expect and what to do really.
    I shall look deeper into the matter.

    kind regards 2 all friends of humanity.

    Lindley ( Mathematician from the Republic of Mauritius )

  12. thanks mattkent. so the 19000 scientists and proffersors who signed a petition denouncing this blatant exaggeration of humans effcts on the plant are clearly all stupider than you?
    Thousands of scientists…vs you and the remaining scienTITS who openly admit being way too cowardly to challange this ïnteresting” theoury due to fear, but you are clearly the one who is correct?

    Hmm yes my emissions caised the great jungle of the sahara to become a desert and no doubt the ice age too. Og dont forget my emmisions drastically warmed the planet again clearly!

    NWO cuckold puppet!

    (While Elites who own the factories spewing bile out can live freely and in splendour)

  13. You are absolutely insane. The human race faces climatological catastrophe within the next few generations. I couldn’t quite extract your proposed alternative solution to this problem from the text. I had to read this twice because I thought it must be satire. Incredible

  14. After reading most of the content of this far ranging document I now realise that what I’ve been seeing for some considerable time now is as I thought . Our illustrious so called World Leaders are really a band of ” dictatorial egomaniacle not fit for purpose dip sticks ” who should all be given a severe dose of their own medicine, sooner than later. Where are the decent human beings of this world?

  15. people don’t take note watts going on in plane site theys days.. by there own government, ajenda21 is about more than just pensions money and the eu, its ever living person on the planet, take all ur rights from all us, they the lucky ones, the rest will be killed off, take a look at wat bill gates is telling u all with his Co2 save the planet.only way that can happen says he is to o Co2″s and how dues one do that…kill you off that’s how. he is NOT JOKEING AS WELL.time to wake up take ur head out from the tv and see wats going on in the world,

  16. It’s horrifying what they’ve done to the world. They’ve dehumanized so many good people with their dismissive rhetoric and lies. They’ve stolen decent folks’ pensions and money off them and basically just left them to die.

    Nobody cares about anyone anymore. The whole world is in a state of unrest because of selfish evil people in power who have no integrity or fellow-feeling whatsoever.

  17. just look at what is happening in Europe and the EU to see this is already happening on a major level, explain why would a US president tell the democratically elected UK government to stay in the EU against the will of the UK people? the EU is an unelected federal body whose only aim is to control the people, again look at what they have done to Greece!

  18. The problem lies in people like Jess Reynolds who believe this could not happen in this country. Read about it. Don`t be a sheeple!!! Wake the F up!!!

    1. If only it was pure fabrication but what the elite of this world intend is that we shall be slaves and just like Hitler had blatant disregard for the old, the disabled and the retarded so shall they.

      If people think only of themselves instead of the greater good and don’t get involved now this will definitely become our reality.

      Stand up and have your say please

  19. Sue, Christians have a duty to stand up for truth, justice and freedom. The gospel has played a major role through history of bringing these principles into government – most noticeably in the West but also in Eastern Europe before the communist overthrow of the Christian Tsars. Agenda 21 is an attack on truth, justice and freedom. In essence it’s an attack on Christianity and a new type of communism the operates under the banner of environmentalism. It’s god is Gaia (Mother Earth) and it’s objective is total control of humanity via “population control”. The Book of Genesis said “for forth and multiply and be fruitful”. Agenda 21 says stop populating and be poor.

  20. wake up people! This is just one of satans ploys to keep your minds off your salvation. Jesus Christ is coming back for His church very soon. Instead of worrying obout satans tricks, talk to your Lord. If you are not saved , then ask him to forgive you of your sins. He said if you ask he would be faithful to forgive you . .Then all you have to think about is when is He coming. And do not be fooled, He is coming. then He will take care of old satan once and for all. After all,He ie Jesus, is King og kings and Lord of Lords. I am going with Him. How about you? Remember all you have to do is ask and believe. Read John 3:16. “For Godso loved the world, He gave His only begotton Son, that whoso ever
    believed in Him shall receive ever lasting life.” I pray for us all

  21. Agenda 21 comes in many disguises. Here is a handy checklist of the memes that energise this autopoietic monster:

    globalization, sustainability, human rights,
    equality, diversity, precautionary principle,
    over-population, population stabilization,
    consensus, scarcity of natural resources
    global land use, wild lands,
    global education, ‘no child left behind’,
    control and reduction of global population
    and the creation
    of a safer environment for future generations.

  22. 1. The draught in California, USA is very serious. There are MANY lake beds and reservoir that are DRIED UP. I just took a road trip to LA from San Francisco and a month later from San Francisco to Portland, OR. It was a shocker it see the once big beautiful lakes gone.

    2.Aside from natural resources, MONEY IS POWER! And big businesses will not succumb to the financially weakening hand of the government.

    3.If we are to live an alternative life it will be because of forces man can not control.

    4.For every action their is a reaction, and for us our daily action may have an adverse affect on our future living.

    5. Time to start praying and planning.

  23. No cars!? Welp I guess the automobile industry will have an issue on their hands. No more home owners!? Welp I guess the banks/financial institutions will also have an issue on their hands.

  24. ‘The third is Environmental which basically puts nature above man’ Not only is that comment sexist but, as a Buddhist, offensive. Are you saying that ‘man’ is above nature? Please, explain further how much better us humans, a type of ape, are better than the rest of the known world. Honestly. I’m interested in your absurd opinion.

  25. I feel helpless, unable to fight against the Earthly reality of Agenda 21 and the spiritual warfare that is being waged for the hearts and minds of those who resist excepting the mark of the beast. I will not surrender. Freedom is the prize and the cost will be my head.

  26. Funny..if it was about emissions..they would push for the electric car and other rational solutions. I would rather a child limit of 2 per couple…before I would want others to take properties.

    Land is sometimes the only thing keeping you from starving…and being controlled.

  27. I think some aspects of Agenda 21 could be a good for a long term solution. At least the “good” parts of it such as “protecting” the earth, ensuring there is enough food/resources and not too many people/overpop.

    The social aspects—hmmm while I hate to agree, I do think the people need to be controlled-just as we are now(I know, I know…we are “free”). By the time Agenda 21 takes full effect, the general public won’t know any better…it’s a slow process being implemented right now and most don’t know it or will deny it. I actually think most of the public prefers it this way….call it willful ignorance, compliance, laziness, obedience. naive…whatever, my guess is most just want to pay their dues(work, rent, taxes) and be left alone and get back to the computer/TV/alochol/drugs/distraction/etc after a hard days work.-probably won’t be much different in the future. Critical thinking when it comes to policies/rules/etc will be a thing of the past.–I might just be cynical towards the average “citizen” tho.

    Only thing I don’t agree with is why/how they get to choose the “winners” and “the plan”(no input from public AFAIK…this is an assumption on my part: only input is from “eco nazis” and companies that will profit and the politicians/policy makers getting paid by those companies)….. I don’t know how they intend to implement or enforce their rules/regs, but, I am sure I will not agree with that either.

    Either way, I won’t be around to see the full implementation of their plans and don’t have kids that will be subjected to it …..I do want to see the American way live on, but that will be up to the young ones and future generations.

    So in the end it’s an interesting topic to me that I will do nothing about. I’d like to see people wise up to “their” plan and question it ,but, it seems most that will be affected are snoozing and content with what they don’t know.

  28. For the last 6 yrs here in Australia, we had a government that was hell bent on destroying our way of life by introducing a carbon tax which pushed up electricity pices astronomically. And pushed a lot of our manufacturing to off shore countries. Introduced super profit mining taxes. Pushed up the price we paid for water usage. Shut down irrigation schemes to return more water to the environment. Stopped any dams being built, no new power stations. Shut off national parks and restricted where people could build housing and so forth. This was done in collaboration with the Australian greens. Our former prime minister, one Julia Gillard is a member of the Australian Socialist forum, a member of Emily’s list and a supporter of aganda 21 and the IPCC. During her rein, the people woke up to what she was trying to achieve by social engineering and political correctness and booted her and the labor / greens out of government. They left this country in a mess, which is going to take the present government a decade to fix.

    1. Are you honestly saying that Abbott is a better PM than Gillard? I despised Gillard but Abbott is the worst, most idiotic and destructive politician this country has ever seen and is doing nothing good to better the lives of all Australians.

  29. What a ridiculous load of conspiracy laden nonsense. Societies need planning, hygiene, safety, OH&S, fair trading and similar legislation so that populations don’t suffer unrestricted development, can work in safe environments, eat uncontaminated food etc. The majority of Americans have such a poor understanding of the world that they feel threatened by their own Government and jump on this notion of a ‘one world’ government, when the biggest threat to their way of life comes from major corporations who greedily pursue shareholder and director’s interests over their customers. Its these guys who overpay themselves, minimise their tax, ship jobs offshore, pay minimum wages and undermine traditional US values and their way of life.

    1. It’s true that Americans in general don’t have as deep an understanding of the rest of the world. Throwing all responsibility into the hands of an ever-increasingly internationally pressured central government is not the answer. Our planet will be far better cared for by increasing the self-reliance and self-sustainability of individual nations, not by mowing all of them down to the lowest common denominator. Trade that ruins industries in one’s own country while transferring capital and jobs to others is not fair trade. Nor is trade that results in increasing environmental degradation in emerging industrial countries fair trade. Societies across the world are not equivalent in many ways. Seeking to unify all of them under one umbrella of universal thought deprives humanity of the strength to be found in all the various types of diversity. Agenda 21 is represents giant leaps backward, not forward.

  30. Agenda 21 is voluntary at local level and has next to nothing to do with the planning situation in Ireland. Your problem were related to your town council and to the area you wished to build in lack the adequate infrastructural facilities.

  31. Read about what we are heading for in: The Patriot Remnant: Return to Freedom, a novel by Siara Brandt, available at Amazon

  32. Sorry, this country is too busy waiting for the latest Kardashian news to break to really give a hang about what’s really going on in the world, much less this country. Their plan is coming to fruition right before our very eyes yet so many, living in protective bubbles of comfort, are too blind to notice that it could all burst in one defining moment in time. I refuse to live in fear and will continue to pray for better times even if these are the “end times”.

  33. Most of the critics of Agenda 21 have it backwards, but the reality is even worse. It’s not destroying sovereignty they’re after, or pushing everyone into cities, or whatever–just the opposite. They want the population and agriculture to be decentralized (look at how many “smalls” show up in the Agenda 21 documents, like strengthening small farmers, etc.) to push more and more for a “winnable” nuclear war. Destroy the cities–the high population areas–while preserving sustainable agriculture in places that survive, you can knock down the population of the world but still help make certain that the “right” people survive and rebuild.

  34. Great article and needs to be understood by all. Stand up and fight back and spread this article and many others on the internet. Please Please Pray everyday that God will bring forward good people to stop Agenda 21 NOW!
    Blessings to all and keep fighting back……….

  35. 99% of the people are too dumbed down to know or even see that there is a difference between capitalism and free market enterprise. That’s why they always think that they are the same thing. Capitalism demands that a fiat currency system be installed, which will later on collapse in on itself because it’s a house of lies. You CANNOT make more of something by borrowing it into existence! Paper fiat currency is now made out of old cotton rags because it’s the cheapest feedstock that can be found.
    Free market enterprise works best when we have REAL money, gold and silver and copper coins in circulation as our medium of exchange, so we don’t have to haul our goods around looking for a buyer.

  36. Funny who is freaked out by Agenda 21… The Libertarian Property/Slaver Rights crowd and the wacko Tea-Baggers – their fellow deluded right wingers…..

    If ignorance is bliss – you right wing mouth breathers might as well be called Blisters…

    That UN is run by the fiscal borderless new age uber-capitalist globalists, does not make the concept of Agenda 21 a bad thing in itself… It is just their negative impact on its implementation for the profit of the few that does…

    Your objections to Agenda 21 are also based in lame and selfish ideals IMO…

    Clearly, capitalism has clearly failed and it has become a world “destroyer” in the real sense of the word..

    The world needs socialism now to save itself… Fairly applied concepts like Agenda 21 will have to be used if we are to survive as a species.

    The earth will go without us – no problem there… It is just a question now – if life as we know it will survive… (( I really feel sorry for the other plants and animals – we are going to take with us…))

    Remember, Trees don’t need people… People need trees…

    1. You have an interesting comment, very supportive of this Agenda 21. But, if history is any indication, socialism never worked. There is only one way to install socialism and it has never worked. It kills and starves people by the millions. The people haven’t any recourse or freedom, it’s take it or die. Capitalism is greediness, but so is all other forms of gov’t. Capitalism gives you freedom of choice, the chance to make it or break it. Socialism is do this or else. I’ve studied history over the years, and focused on the success rate of socialism and its uglier twin communism and haven’t seen or read about any success. Maybe you can enlighten me where those forms of gov’t make life better for the populace and made them happier. Remember, without capitalism there is no vaccines, computer programs, construction equipment, automobiles, etc. If I have a chance to succeed in my determinations I will do it, but socialism will take from me wants rightfully mine, so I will not do it! That’s not selfishness that’s human behavior! Which reminds me social experiments to control ones individuality is communism or socialism and it isn’t natural.

  37. Not being part of the inner circle as much as we can do is take a guess how they will bring this about. Here in America I see them promoting homosexuality heavily and the new healthcare laws will also help to speed us along to an early grave, no money, you die, definitely helping reduce population. Like any predator the sick and the old are easiest prey.
    We have seen the banks steal vast numbers of houses with the orchestrated financial crash then sit on them refusing to put them back on the market and are now selling them in huge block packages to rental investing companies. The final grab may be a crash of the present economic system which would make it easier to implement a one world currency as well as the governments to seize any private property due to the confusion of banks being closed etc. Of course they would tell us it’s only temporary until things were straightened out but the return would never happen and a few years later it would be, You need to move out of OUR house but don’t worry we have a nice new apartment for you to move into.
    Who knows what they have up their sleeve but you know the little people will get the short end of the stick.

  38. It will be easy for them to reduce to human population by 90% or more once they have you jam-packed into all those nifty high-rises… introduce a plague-like agent and we all will drop off like wild fire!!

  39. Thank you,Jean and thanks for your very real example of Agenda 21. Let’s hope more states stand up against it.

  40. Everyone knows how sparsely populated Ireland is, yet with all that space it is extremely difficult to get planning permission to build a home on your own land. The push by local planning departments is to get people into the towns and out of the countryside, using the argument that it cuts down on carbon emission, fewer and shorter car trips for groceries. We gave up trying in the end, It would have put us into more debt than we were willing to take on. We were told we had to build bigger if we wanted permission. We live in a town now, the advantage being we only need to run one car, instead of two, and we are debt free, which would not have been the case had we been allowed to build. However, the choice was taken from us. Agenda 21 is insidious, and invisible to the man in the street. Great article, Lucille.

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